Our Minnesota MoMo Twins

We found out at 16 weeks that I was having twins, which wasn't a real shocker to me since I have twins and triplets in my family. But then two weeks later, we found out the bad news.. they were in the same sac. After ALOT of research and I trip to Mayo Hospital, we found out that we would have a long journey ahead of us.

At 24 weeks I was admitted to the hospital. We had Claire & Caidence on 1-11-11 at 11:01 am.

After a month in the NICU, we took them home. They are 5 months old and doing WONDERFUL! Best word of advice: don't stress too much, enjoy being pregnant! Also, bring things to keep you active in the hospital. We played alot of board games and watched a lot of movies!

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Dec 29, 2016
Me too!
by: Anonymous

I am in MN too and found out last week that I am pregnant with MOMO twins. Where did you deliver? Any places and doctors that you recommend?

Jun 24, 2016
Amazing dates
by: Anonymous

Hello your story is amazing thanks for sharing. Just want to say that your twin have twin some where in the US. Gabrielle Turley shared her story in the same section "my Mono-Mono girls". It amazing to me that you gave birth to wonderful creature the same day!

Sep 14, 2011
Momo Momo Twins - New Pregnancy?
by: Anonymous

I have MoMo twins that are now 11 years old. Born premature at 32 weeks, they were very small at 3lbs 7oz, and 3lbs 11 oz.

The one thing I can tell anyone having identical mono-mono twins is DON'T WORRY! Your doctor will do everything in their power to make sure you have two live healthy babies, and NICU nurses are one of a kind!

Jun 27, 2011
Thanks for your post
by: Angie

I am 18 weeks with momo boys. They are doing great so far, bit I am still very worried. It is nice to hear success stories. It gices me hope. God Bless you and your family!

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