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Recent Articles

  1. Virginia Mom of Triplets Finds the Perfect Childcare Solution

    Oct 20, 16 09:39 PM

    This Virginia mom of triplest finds the perfect childcare solution. When pediatrician, Loan Kline, found out she was having triplets she put her own mother on high alert...

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  2. Double the Cuteness

    Oct 16, 16 07:02 PM

    This is Paisley and Peyton. They are almost five months old. They are happy healthy bundles of joy. They are one of six sets of twins in my family. We

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  3. Twins Photo Contest - Prizes for the cutest twins

    Oct 15, 16 12:48 PM

    TwoCute™ Twins Photo Contest is a great way for parents to show off their adorable twins pictures. FREE to enter! Winners chosen monthly. Fun and prizes!

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  4. The RAWRsome duo!

    Sep 30, 16 12:30 PM

    Our little RAWRsome three years olds enjoying their birthday! TwoCute™ Twins Photo Contest - September 2016 Entry

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  5. Twinopposites

    Sep 30, 16 12:24 PM

    TwoCute™ Twins Photo Contest - September 2016 Entry

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  6. Beautys

    Sep 30, 16 12:21 PM

    TwoCute™ Twins Photo Contest - September 2016 Entry

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  7. Tips to Help Get Pregnant

    Aug 24, 16 09:33 PM

    We have tips to help get pregnant fast. Learn the quickest way to getting pregnant with this plan.

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  8. Stretch Marks and Twin Pregnancy

    Aug 22, 16 04:56 PM

    Stretch marks and twin pregnancy go hand in hand. Read about new remedies and treatments to help combat this dreaded side effect of carrying twins

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  9. The First Year With Twins - All you need to know

    Aug 17, 16 12:54 PM

    What to expect and how to prepare for the first year with twins. From bringing them home to feedings and travel, get helpful hints and useful information from parents who have been there.

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  10. Twin Pregnancy Diet and Weight Gain

    Aug 16, 16 02:26 PM

    Learn about twin pregnancy diet and weight gain. Typical amount of weight that is gained and how you should be eating...

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