Twins Hiding During Ultrasound?

by Susie
(Portage, Wisconsin, USA)

My sister-in-law is pregnant with twins. She had IUI done because she has fertility issues as well as her husband. 2 weeks ago she had her first ultrasound at 8 weeks along with the fertility specialist. They saw 2 sacs, 2 babies, 2 heartbeats. Today, she saw her regular OBGYN for the first time and he did another ultrasound. During the ultrasound he could only see 1 sac and 1 baby. He used the "wand" for the ultrasound, but didn't move it around or anything. My sister in law said that he just kept the "wand" in 1 place and that was it. How could it be possible for her to have an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and see 2 babies, 2 sacs, 2 heartbeats, and then today, only see 1 sac, 1 baby, 1 heartbeat? Could the doctor, by not moving the "wand" around, have missed the other sac? She is extremely worried, and stressing out over it. She goes back in on friday for another ultrasound, but is really really worried right now. Anyone ever have this happen to them?

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May 25, 2012
Vanishing twin
by: Anonymous

WOW!! So after reading this makes me wonder. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks and they saw 2 sacs...but one sac was smaller and they couldn't tell if something was in it or not. The other sac was normal size. They said it was probably a vanishing twin, which i felt before my appointment that i was having twins. I got another US at 23 weeks and the tech just looked in the center of my uterus and didn't do much searching. I am HUGE!!! and someone everyday asks me if I'm having twins....I dream about twins and everything and that has never happened before and I have 2 other children. I just don't want to go to deliver and we get another surprise!! Not sure how likely this is....just curious.

Dec 14, 2010
Vanishing Twin
by: Fritzy

After having a twin pregnancy and a triplet pregnancy, I had an early ultrasound @ 6 weeks during my 3rd, which showed ANOTHER multiple pregnancy with a set of twins. At the ultrasound the tech. noticed that Baby A had a heartrate significantly lower than baby B's, so they scheduled another ultrasound 2 weeks later (at 8 weeks) and at this ultrasound Baby A was no longer there and all that was left was an empty sac. Good new is, I'm now 27 weeks and Baby B, who turns out is my FIRST boy is growing like a weed and is super Healthy!! Oh, and as I'm sure you all are wondering NO fertility drugs or fertlity treatments were used for any of my 3 multiple pregnancies. Must be hereditary I guess or maybe god didn't want me to have just ONE baby at a time. :-)

Mar 20, 2009
The wand
by: Anonymous

The trans vaginal ultra sound, or the wand as you are calling it, doesn't get moved around. It is inserted inside your vagina like a tampon except that it is about the diameter of a large curling iron barrel. There is limited range of motion as well as penetration that is allowable. Moving it does nothing. What it does do is allow the sound sonic waves to not have to go through layers of muscles and fat like an external ultra sound does, instead just through the cervix.

As for the missing twin she needs to consult with her doctor. There are many reasons this can happen.

Mar 19, 2009
A couple of answers...
by: Kellie Asaro (site founder)

Hi there,

This is a situation that seems to happen frequently with twins. There are a couple of answers that address this on the Ask An Expert page. Look at the Q & A on Early Ultrasound and also Vanishing Twin Syndrome. They might lend some insight. :-)

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