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Twin Stuff! Newsletter -- Morning Sickness Snacks -- Bottle Feeding Twin Babies Together
June 16, 2015

Welcome to another issue of the Twin Stuff! newsletter!

June 2015 ~ Issue #035


  • Morning Sickness Snacks
  • Feeding Twin Babies Together
  • TwoCute™ Contest Winner

  • Morning Sickness Snacks

    Twisted Bellies Preggo Pretzels Morning sickness is a struggle for most pregnant moms. Current statistics claim about 75% of mothers will experience its effects during the early months of pregnancy and for some, even longer. Factor in a twin pregnancy and many women claim even worse symptoms than they had with singleton pregnancies. It is believed that this may be caused by the "double" dose of hormones when carrying two babies.

    In any case, morning sickness is no fun! Many of us will have the daily challenge of finding things to eat that don't make us want to vomit. We want to nourish ourselves and our babies, but it's not always easy. This was just what happened to fellow twin mom, Lindsey, the creator of Twisted Bellies Preggo Pretzels. She was one of the unlucky few who had terrible morning sickness through her ENTIRE twin pregnancy. In her quest to find a natural remedy for her nausea along with something nutritious to eat that she could keep down, Preggo Pretzels were born!

    They are not only all natural, they also boast a list of well known anti-nausea ingredients. We're talking ginger, lemon, sour apple, and peppermint. How did she get all of these flavors into a pretzel you ask? Well, I'm sure that will be her secret, but I have tried them and can tell you that they are pretty darn yummy! The taste is much more subtle than you might think. It's a cross between salty and sweet with a nice crunch.

    I can't personally attest to them being helpful with nausea, as I am not pregnant and suffering with morning sickness at this time. However, Lindsey has gotten some great feedback from actual pregnant mommies and they have had good luck with these snacks helping them through the day and easing an upset tummy.

    Want to ease the quease? Give these a try! Our sister site, Trends In Twos is currently offering free shipping on a 6oz bag of Preggo Pretzels>. The bag is resealable and the shelf life is around 3 months, so they're a great value!

    Bottle Feeding Twin Babies Together

    Table For Two Twins Feeding System You know, we always seem to hear a lot about breastfeeding twins...the how to's, different positions, the best nursing pillows, etc.. But, what about the other half of parents who bottle feed their babies? There are lots of different strategies for bottle feeding two at a time, however, until recently, there was not a specific item that could be used just for this purpose. As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention"!

    With twin births on the rise, there are more and more families who need specialized products to suit caring for twins. This new market has spurred some handy new inventions over the last several years. From larger diaper bags, to double baby carriers, it seems that twin parents can finally get the help they need!

    That's why I wanted to talk about the sanity saving, Table For Two. I mentioned it before when it first came out a couple years ago, but it's become so popular and the positive reviews have been so overwhelming that I wanted to revisit this unique product. It is the first of its kind and it has so many handy features that will truly make mealtime easier for parents and caregivers alike.

    One of the best strategies that most parents of twins can agree on is that getting both babies on the same feeding schedule saves time, regardless if you're bottle or breastfeeding. The Table for Two was designed to accommodate two babies at the perfect angle for feeding and even to help with reflux. There are two arm rests for the person doing the feeding to help take the strain off of back and neck as well as two bottle holders to avoid spilling. The safety harnesses keep twins secure and you will love the variety of fun fabrics to choose from! The seat inserts can be washed and there's even a carry handle for easy moving. Not only that, the Table for Two can also be used for spoon feeding first solids making it useful from birth to toddler years making it a cost effective solution.

    For more information and to see the different fabric options please visit Trends In Twos the boutique for twins and their families!

    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Here's our latest TwoCute™ contest winner!

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