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Twin Stuff!, Issue #026 -- Secret to a Happy Twin Dad -- Double Duty Log Book Giveaway!
February 08, 2012

Welcome to another month of the Twin Stuff! newsletter!

February 2012 ~ Issue #026


  • Secret to a Happy Twin Dad
  • Double Duty Log Book Giveaway
  • Twin Community Over 1,500 Strong
  • TwoCute™ Twins Photo Contest

  • The Secret to a Happy Twin Dad: Be Prepared
    by Joe Rawlinson

    When we found out we were having twins, my thoughts immediately turned to worries about physically providing for my suddenly larger family.

    Would we need to buy a bigger house? How am I going to pay for all this? How do you even take care of two babies at the same time?

    In addition to the shock of learning we'd be having twins, I stressed about how we could get ready for their arrival.

    As I thought about what we should do, I remembered the motto from my days as a Boy Scout: Be Prepared.

    Just like a good Boy Scout is prepared for anything, a good twin dad will likewise be prepared and ready for the challenges ahead.

    As you prepare for your twins' arrival, focus on what you can control and take the other surprises as they come.

    Focus your preparations on what will happen during the last months of the twin pregnancy and during the newborn months with twins.

    Your goal is to replace your wife. No, not literally. You want to find a substitute for all the....Read Full Article

    Double Duty Log Book for Twins Giveaway!

    The popular review website, Mammamoiselle is now featuring our Double Duty Log Book for Twins along with a giveaway. You can visit now to enter for your chance to win a copy of the Double Duty Log Book for Twins.

    This helpful log book will keep you organized and save your sanity during those early months with twin babies!

    Twin Community Over 1,500 Strong and Growing!

    Twin Community What's better than having a few twin parents to connect with? Having over 1,500! The best part about our exclusive online community for parents of twins is that it allows us to connect with a broader range of families who know exactly what we are going through. Whether it be a twin pregnancy or raising twins, it's so cool to be able to swap advice, share photos and ask questions. We are so proud to announce that the My Twin Pregnancy and Beyond community has grown to over 1,500 members with more joining each day! It's fun and easy to join...Head on over and check it out!

    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Here's January's winner! These little cuddle bugs couldn't be any cuter!

    Now taking entries for February!

    February's winner will receive a $10 Gift Certificate toTrends In Twos the boutique for twins!

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    Twins Boutique

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    Until next month....

    All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder and Mom of twins)

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