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Twin Stuff!, Issue #027 -- Table For Two! -- High Risk Pregnancy Resource
March 09, 2012

Welcome to another month of the Twin Stuff! newsletter!

March 2012 ~ Issue #027


  • Introducing the Table for Two!
  • High Risk Pregnancy - A Resource
  • Super Silly Baby Tees for Twins
  • TwoCute™ Twins Photo Contest

  • The Table For Two

    Introducing the Table For Two - A brand new product developed by a mom of twins!

    The Table for Two is a lifesaver for all parents of twins! This secure, sturdy feeding station saves you time, energy and sanity, and makes mealtime comfortable for you and your twins. No more struggling to position your babies in order to feed them at the same time Table for Two puts them in the perfect feeding posture to enhance digestion and relieve the symptoms of reflux, colic, colds, and breathing difficulties. The armrests alleviate strain from your neck, back, arms and shoulders. No more spilled or mixed up bottles, no more mess – Table for Two cuts the work and feeding time in half, which is invaluable for middle-of-the-night feedings!

    Available in your choice of prints.

    Learn more or buy one NOW!

    High Risk Pregnancy - A New Resource

    Why Me?
    A Book by Kelly Whitehead
    Review by Kellie Asaro

    Buy your copy of Why Me? Wow, where to start? The, Why Me? - Understanding and Managing a Potential Preterm Pregnancy - A Medical and Emotional Guide, book by Kelly Whitehead is surely the most comprehensive, thorough book on the topic of high-risk pregnancy and potential premature birth available today. While the book does not focus specifically on twin pregnancy, it still holds loads of valuable information for expectant twin moms. Why? Because, twin pregnancy is "high-risk". Many a mother carrying twins will be faced with some or several of the issues covered in Why Me?.

    Let's start with a bit about the author. Kelly Whitehead is first and foremost a mother, just like you and me. She has experienced the heartbreaking loss of a son at 22 weeks of pregnancy, as well as the miracle of birth with her other two children (both high-risk pregnancies). But, aside from being a mother, she is also a scientist. And, she was concerned about the lack of resources available for those dealing with high-risk pregnancy. Hence, her book, Why Me? - Understanding and Managing a Potential Preterm Pregnancy - A Medical And Emotional Guide

    First off, the book is written in a very frank, woman-to-woman style. It's not only easy to understand, but you really feel like someone is giving it to you straight......Read Full Review

    Super Silly Baby Tees for Twins!

    Twin Baby Tees These baby tees for twins are not only silly - what they say expresses the truth for many of us twin parents! You are sure to get some laughs and fun photo opps with your twins sporting these little T-shirts with "I was planned." and "I was a surprise!" word bubbles printed in your choice of pink or blue. Available in a variety of sizes. Customize print colors for any combination of twins - boys, girls, or one of each.

    Get a set for your own twins!

    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Here's February's winner! Love at first snuggle!

    Now taking entries for March.

    March's winner will receive a silly T-shirt and matching magnet Shown Here

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    Until next month....

    All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder and Mom of twins)

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