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Twin Stuff!, Issue #031 -- Preemie Twins -- Hot Twin Gifts
March 25, 2014

Welcome to another issue of the Twin Stuff! newsletter!

March 2014 ~ Issue #031


  • Preemie Twins
  • Hot Twin Gifts
  • TwoCute™ Contest Winner

  • Preemie Twins

    This topic can be difficult to talk about. Being a mom of twins born prematurely myself, I know. I wrote an article about it years ago and have recently updated it. For those moms who are newly pregnant with twins, I can't stress enough the value of being prepared for the possibility of a premature birth and, more importantly, a possibility of a stay in the NICU for your new little ones.

    I have tried to find the "middle ground" on this topic from the attitude of, "It won't happen to me" to "I am scared out of my wits". Most of us simply want to enjoy our twin pregnancy and envision the most positive outcome. Though, some of us will struggle with constant worry. I believe it's all about arming yourself with good information along with a flexible and open mindset. There have been many mothers who did not think their twins would be born prematurely, let alone spend time in the NICU (myself included) only to have it happen. Just as there have been many mothers who agonized over the same situation only to have two healthy, full term babies. That's why it's never a bad idea to educate and prepare yourself. However your situation turns out, you will only be the wiser! You can read the full article about Preemie Twins here.

    Hot Twin Gifts!

    We have a ton of new spring inventory at our sister site, Trends In Twos™ including some sweet twin gift sets. We offer a variety of gifts for every gender of twins in a wide price range. Whether you need a gift for your own twins or someone else's, you will find something totally unique and always MADE JUST FOR TWINS!

    We never stop adding new items and gear, so be sure to give us a browse every once in a while ;)

    Trends In Twos™
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    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Here's our latest TwoCute™ contest winner!

    Now taking entries for March.

    March's winner will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to Trends In Twos™

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    All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder and Mom of twins)

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