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Twin Stuff!, Issue #020 -- Twins Clean Shopper - Twins Law
May 04, 2010

Welcome to another month of the Twin Stuff! newsletter!

May 2010 ~ Issue #020


  • The Twins Law
  • Take A Poll
  • Twins Clean Shopper
  • TwoCute™ Twin Photo Contest

    The Twins Law

    The Twins Law refers to a law that would allow parents of twins or multiples to decide whether or not to place their children in the same classroom.

    Currently, many schools and principles require mandatory separation of twins and multiples in the classroom even though most psychologists and parents disagree with this concept. This policy has no basis on actual twin research and no concern for the individual needs of twin or multiple children.

    There are a few states that have enacted Twin Laws, a few with Sponsored Twin Bills, and many that are still awaiting sponsorship....Read More

    Do You Think Twins Should Share A Classroom?

    Last month's poll question was, "What Interests You Most?" Here's the results after over 600 votes...

    21% of you answered, "Twin Pregnancy"

    18% of you answered, "Twin Birth"

    15% of you answered, "Parenting Twins"

    15% of you answered, "Preemie Twins"

    14% of you answered, "How To Prepare For Twins"

    11% of you answered, "Twin Gear"

    7% of you answered, "Breastfeeding Twins"

    Twins Clean Shopper

    Twins Clean Shopper We're excited to announce that our sister site, Trends In Twos now carries the Twins Clean Shopper® by Babe Ease®. The Twins Clean Shopper is a handy shopping cart cover that offers award-winning benefits and has been designed specifically for the double-seated shopping carts found at warehouse clubs and larger grocery chains.

    Babe Ease® products are designed to protect babies and other users from exposure to the disease-causing germs found on surfaces such as shopping carts. The Clean Shopper® achieves germ protection simply: by covering the contaminated surfaces. And, it's machine washable and dryer safe. All Babe Ease® products have passed stringent testing as well. Check it out to see a complete description and all of the benefits!

    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Here's April's winner! Spring is in the air!

    Now taking entries for May!

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    Until next month....

    All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder and Mom of twins)

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