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Twin Stuff!, Issue #002 -- Special Discount, Contest Winners, Featured Mom
November 03, 2008

There's been a lot going on at Twin Pregnancy And Beyond. Thanks to all of your support and participation, the site is becoming an ever popular destination for anyone who has or is expecting twins....Not to mention, the merely curious. This month's newsletter offers some great new info about the site, a cool holiday discount, and our very first "Featured Mom" inerview. So, kick back and read on about more Twin Stuff!

November 1, 2008 ~ Issue #002


  • Christmas Discount At Trends In Twos
  • Ask An Expert
  • Funniest Twins Video Contest
  • Twin Costume Contest Winners
  • Help Addi & Cassi
  • Join Us On Facebook & Twitter
  • Featured Mom

Holiday Discount At Trends In Twos

twins boutique

Merry Twinsmas
As you may already know, our sister site, Trends In Twos, offers unique clothing and gifts especially for twins and their families. There are several original designs that you will not find anywhere else!

As a special bonus to our newsletter subscribers we are offering a 15% discount off your entire order until December 25th 2008...Simply type in discount code TWINSTUFF15 at check out! We are going to be gearing up for Christmas, so be sure to check in and see what's new. The "Holiday Twins" section just went up under the Twin Clothing category and will be offering festive Holiday themed twin designs like "MERRY TWINSMAS" pictured here.

Ask An Expert

Our informative Ask An Expert page has been a valuable addition to the site. We have teamed up with Carri R. Warshak, M.D. to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about twin pregnancy. If you are currently pregnant with twins, be sure to look it over. You will even have the option to suggest a question to post or to e-mail Dr. Warshak directly with your own personal questions that she will answer just for you.

Funniest Twins Video Contest

Don't get left out of our new Funniest Twins Video Contest! It's easy to enter your video and the prize is one of our biggest ever! We will be giving away a GoGo Babyz Infant Cruizer AT travel system for twins - A $350 VALUE!(scroll down the Twin Stroller Guide to have a look). The cool thing is, you will actually be creating your own page on the site when you submit your entry. You can then invite friends and family to view, rate and comment on your video. Think you have the funniest twins caught on video? Share it!

Twin Costume Contest Winners

Mommys Alarm Clock
Well, the results are in and the first place prize went to "Mommy's Alarm Clock" (pictured right)....An original idea and one every mom of twins will relate to!

You can view the 2nd and 3rd place winners HERE. We appreciate all of your entries and can't wait to see what next year's contest brings!

Help Addi & Cassi

As parents of twins, we all know the unique struggles they can bring. From pregnancy to parenting, dealing with two can truly mean double the trouble and even twice the heartbreak. I was reminded of this in a most unfortunate way when a fellow twin mom told me about Addi and Cassi. Addi and Cassi Hempel are 4 1/2 year old identical twin sisters. They have been diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease that is almost unheard of. It is known as Niemann Pick Type C (NPC) disease and it is often called the "Childhood Alzheimer's." You can only imagine what courage these little girls must have! They even have their own special site where you can learn more about this devestating disease and how you can help. Please take a moment to visit and Learn More.

Join Us On Facebook & Twitter

We're excited to announce our new page on Facebook. If you already have a Facebook account, come check us out, meet other parents of twins, join in the discussions, upload photos of your twins and please join our list of fans! Not on Facebook yet? No worries, joining is easy and free. Once you're set up pay us a visit! You'll find us by searching for Twin Pregnancy And Beyond.

You can also follow my personal "tweets" on Twitter. It's free and easy to join just like Facebook. Twitter is a really fun, simple way to connect with exactly who you choose. Follow other moms and dads, businesses, ciritcs, bloggers, and more!....Plus, you can include your very own tweets!

Featured Mom ~ Deb Damboise

I was so happy to have mother of twins, Deb Damboise as our first featured mom. She has a unique business and some really cool decorating ideas. I hope you will all enjoy my interview with her...


Cutouts and Letters
My husband and I run a home based business of custom cut letters and shapes for home decor. They're sold unfinished and perfect to paint, add scrapbooking papers or decorate however you like. We also sell 'do it yourself' kits with papers, ribbons and embellishments all included. You can get more information at our website:

Well, my husband is an engineer and he's always got something he's designing in his mind. He started telling me about a machine he wanted to build to cut kitchen cabinets and molding, among other things. The more he talked about it, I started thinking about the crafty things I could have him cut for me. :) As we discussed it more and researched it, we found that we had a unique product by cutting letters and shapes. Our shapes in particular are incredibly popular ranging in designs from flowers and dresses to robots and airplanes. We can also create custom designs. If someone has a theme for their child's room or nursery, we can create something truly unique.

Definitely, that I get to be home with my little ones. I feel very fortunate for that. I also enjoy working with our customers. I love seeing what people create with our products. I keep a blog and many of our customers are other bloggers who post their finished projects on their blog and e-mail me the links or send me photos to check it out.

Twins Letters
Right now I've loaded the shop with holiday products galore! I also just started a section called "Twin Things". We have some adorable lettering styles with the word 'TWINS'. We can cut letters in just about any font on your computer. If you don't see a lettering style you like, just e-mail me and we'll work on something specifically for you. And just for the "Twin Stuff!" readers we are offering a 15% discount off your order (excluding shipping). Please e-mail me with your order ( We can also recommend someone to finish your letters if you'd like.

My name is Deb Damboise and I've been married to my best friend Steven for almost eight years. We live in a small town in New Hampshire that's quiet and private, but still only ten minutes from Target. After years of trying to get pregnant we were finally blessed with twins, Steven and Isabella who are almost 7 months. I can hardly believe they're almost 7 months. I know I'll be saying that every month until they are 1 year old (actually I'll probably say that for years after too!) They truly are my joy.
I guess I don't always feel like "I manage it all". I do my best each day. I look at it that of course, my babies are my number one priority, then comes the business and I'm afraid to say, my house comes last. But, when you have two smiling faces looking at you, a little bit of a messy house is OK with me!

I'm sure many of you could give me advice seeing as I'm a new mama! Enjoy every moment. I try not to rush things along too much. Everyone says it goes by so fast. I find myself wondering what their little personalities will be like, but then I step back and remember to just enjoy the moment and not rush it.

Please come visit our blog to check in on what we've got going on. You'll no doubt see pictures of my little ones too. Our website: You can also e-mail me directly at Thank you so much for featuring us! We have several twin mom customers and I keep passing on the website links to them.

Thanks for reading Twin Stuff! Until next month....

All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder)

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