Does Anyone Think This Is Twins?

by Amanda
(Raywick Ky)

I am 20 weeks; and I got to looking at my ultrasound picture and it looks like twins. I can see a face and hand in the background. I have a better picture of it, but it will not let me upload it on here. If you need a better view of it email me at I will email you the better picture back. I need advice,does any one else think there is twins, or is it just me? Thanks a bunch!

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Feb 16, 2010
by: Soon-to-be-mommy

It could be because i was a twin and my mom didn't know until she was 7 months preggo!!!

Dec 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

You know I dont know if you found out if it was twins or not. But to pass a message to everyone else too. I have an ultrasound done where there is just a little bit of extra black spot above the baby. I asked if there was one. Kept demanding for more ultrasound they kept picking up a second heartbeat on the doppler and thought it was mine. Guess what they finally listened and Im having twins!!!!

Sep 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

It is possible though for a twin to be hiding behind the other one! I have read stories where a few women had suprises when they went into delivery! Even though you are an expert you can still miss some facts!

Sep 23, 2009
by: Anonymous

yes i think its only one aswell, they would normally have told you if there were two in there, they are experts so know what they are looking for. hope this helps =]

Jul 12, 2009
Just one
by: Anonymous

It just looks like one to me. And if the baby is old enough to detect the sex, the ultrasound technician would be able to determine if there were twins. If it was reported there is only one, then I would believe that...

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