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Twin Stuff!, Issue #015 -- Holiday Gift Guide For Twins And Their Families!
December 02, 2009

This month is all about holiday shopping for twins and their families, of course! Also, check out the November TwoCute™ contest winner, take a new poll and veiw last month's results.

December 2009 ~ Issue #015


  • Holiday Shopping Guide
  • Take A Poll
  • TwoCute™ Twin Photo Contest

    Holiday Shopping Guide
    Just for twins and their families!

    There are some truly unique, helpful, and just plain cool gifts for twins and their families. Whether you are shopping for yourself, your own twins or someone you know, here's some great ideas and resources!


    twin sling We love the newly launched, Double Take! TwinSling. The perfect gift for any mom expecting twins! You won't believe all of the helpful features, from pockets to comfort padding, there are just too many features to list here. But, you should know that this patent pending design was the concept of an actual mother of twins! It's versitile, stylish and more...See details, photos and pricing now


    Double Up Books Looking for an affordable, interesting, helpful, and entertaining gift all at the same time? Be sure to visit Double Up Books - the premier bookstore for twins, triplets and more! You simply will not find another store that offers so many titles specific to the twin and multiples community all in one place. With great shipping rates and fast service you can't go wrong! Find twin children's books, twin parenting books, twin pregnancy books, twin memory books and even some fiction. You know, books are one of the easiest gifts to wrap too, so head on over to and see what's up!


    Merry Twinsmas tees It's fun to have your twins in coordinating holiday shirts. These humorous prints are available every year at our twins boutique, Trends In Twos! You can order different sizes and styles for each twin for the best fit. Plus, there's free shipping on orders of $50 or more during the whole month of December!


    When in doubt, get something personalized for twin children! offers really unique personalized books and other fun stuff that's sure to please. These make wonderful keepsakes as well!


    Earth Mama Angel Baby - PostpartumEarth Mama Angel Baby offers a variety of quality, toxin free, natural products and gifts for those mamas who want to "go green". Be sure to explore their site to see all that's available.

    Take A Poll!

    Shopping for twins is...

    Last month's newsletter poll asked "Do you plan on finding out the genders of your twins before birth?"
    With over 300 votes that came in, the overwhelming response was "Yes" with 224 votes. "I haven't decided yet" came in second with a mere 43 votes. The two other answers made up the remainder.

    *Stay tuned each month for a new poll and results!

    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Twin Contest Winner
    Here's November's winner! Fresh out of the tub!

    Now taking entries for December!

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    Until next month....

    All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder and Mom of twins)

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