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Twin Stuff!, Issue #006 -- Twin Pregnancy Complications
March 03, 2009

This month's newsletter features an interesting and informative article about Twin Pregnancy Complications from the perspective of an M.D. and mother of twins...A great read. Also, check out our new Social Network just for parents of twins, the February "Two Cute" contest winner and our "Featured Mom", Kelly Damron.

March 1, 2009 ~ Issue #006


  • Our New Social Network
  • Twin Pregnancy Complications
  • "Two Cute" Twin Photo Contest
  • Featured Mom

Our New Social Network

Due to popular demand, I have expanded on our original forum and created an entirely new, exclusive social network just for parents of twins aptly named,
My Twin Pregnancy And Beyond.
What does this mean for you? Lots more fun ways to interact and connect with other parents and families who have or are expecting twins...And it's totally free! Now you can create a more detailed personal profile, add photos, videos, audio and blog posts, join groups and, of course, browse the forum! Share as much or as little as you want. The cool thing is, once you join, you will have the option to meet and interact with some real experts in the twin community like:

Susan Heim - Author of several twin related books and parenting multiples expert.

Dr. Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin - Author, pediatrician and owner of

Shelby Tutty - Owner of and an expert in the realm of twin related book titles. Be sure to join her new group "Twin Books" located on our network to learn all about the best books available on twin pregnancy, parenting twins and even books for twins.

Stacey Vandall - Owner of and tremendously knowledgeable about twin gear and especially higher end double strollers.

Stephanie Wagner - An up-and-comer in the world of product reviews, she's also the mother of twins. Her site, offers that crucial insight we need as parents of twins looking for great products.

Feel free to grab a member badge here for your site or blog once you join...lots of sizes/styles available like the one shown here!

Member Badge

Twin Pregnancy Complications

Twins. Twice the Babies, Twice the Pregnancy Complications.
by Goehde

I've previously had the pleasure of writing an article on this site detailing just what it's really like to conceive twins with the aid of IVF, a.k.a the ever-detested euphemistic "unnatural" way.

In a small aside, I dub my babies pure finest Astroturf when people get a little too nosey in the supermarket in combination with the word "natural" these days.

I shall now go on to relate something of the risks and management of twin pregnancy, partially from a medical perspective, and partially from my own experience.

Twin pregnancies aren't easy, most of the time.

Forgive me for sounding surprisingly gloomy for such a determinedly irreverent soul, because the vast majority of twins are born at or near term with no long term complications, but it bears remembering that some are sadly not so lucky. Additionally, even relatively minor prematurity has a much bigger emotional impact that I ever though it could, until it was me tube feeding my tiny baby and crying my eyes out for three days straight because neither twin has the strength to even attempt breastfeeding and my milk failed to come in.

My breasts may have LOOKED the E-cup business, but sadly, they should have been labeled "For recreational use only". But, I'm getting ahead of the story, again.

Simply put, growing two babies at once in a space designed for only one is very, very hard work. If nothing else, it's often incredibly uncomfortable. The uterus gets much bigger than usual (for obvious reasons) measuring around term size by the early third trimester. Blood volume expands even more than in a singleton pregnancy to supply the extra baby/placenta, with uterine blood flow at only 25 weeks gestation already being equivalent to full term with a single baby and therefore your poor heart has to pump this enormous load. It's like running a race, at rest. Things are simply physically harder than singleton pregnancies, and therefore it is unsurprising that there are increased risks of complications.

The medical risks were something which I was quite aware before even becoming pregnant, but gleefully disregarded as "Not THAT high". As many people in an infertility/loss situation are wont to do, I glossed over unpleasant words like "pre-term labor", "pre-eclampsia", "intrauterine growth retardation", "steroids" and "NICU", "septic work-up", "gavage feeding", "lumbar puncture" and the like when serenaded by the emotive aspect of getting ANY baby at all, let alone the miracle two at once. Iím an utter eSET (elective single embryo transfer) hypocrite. I can see why it would have been the safest thing for me to do, but I didn't do it. Not by my third IVF, anyway.

Unfortunately, however, I personally experienced each of the not-so-nice words in quotation marks above first hand during my pregnancy. So, to recap slightly, in case I have rambled excessively in this introduction, previous to this article I had the pleasure of sharing my IVF experiences that GOT me pregnant with twins in the first place. I now plan to pick my story up from the 'got pregnant and looking like I'll stay that way' point.....READ ON...

"Two Cute" Twins Photo Contest Winner!

Twin Contest Winner
Here's February's winner! Don't you just love the title?

Now taking entries for March


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Featured Mom ~ Kelly Damron

This month's featured mom has an informative blog, great website and helpful book...


a)My blog mainly discusses infertility and premature birth, however, I'm in the process of changing the focus to be more about patient empowerment. I'll provide tips, advice, and ideas on how individuals can work with their physicians using a teamwork approach. b) My website offers resources on infertility and pregnancy, but it also displays my book Tiny Toes: A Couple's Journey Through Infertility, Prematurity, and Depression as well as my public speaking topics.

a) I fell into the topic through personal experience. My husband and I experienced male factor infertility so the only way for us to have a biological child was in vitro fertilization. I'm sure some people reading this might be saying, "Why didn't you just adopt?" and while I was open to the idea, my husband was not. Adoption is a great thing, but it's not for everyone. b) A few friends of mine encouraged me to write Tiny Toes because I had grown so much from the experiences of infertility and premature birth. From there I've been finding my way as to what message I really want to share with the world. I realized that although the topic of infertility will always be a part of me, if I can help other people get through this medical crisis then I've done a good thing with my life and my time.

I enjoy the community and support from women who have had similar experiences. However, what I enjoy most is talking with nurses about my experience and to see them transform the way they practice medicine. It's amazing to watch the growth in their compassion in just sixty minutes! In this instance, I'm not just helping one person at a time, I'm helping multiple people at once because each nurse will touch all of their patients with a new found appreciation of the patient perspective.

For each copy of Tiny Toes purchased either through or I donate $1 to the March of Dimes. In addition, if a Twin Pregnancy And Beyond reader wants to purchase a copy of Tiny Toes, they will receive a $1 discount per book. In the "Autograph Instructions" box type 'TwinPreg' to qualify for the $1 discount.

a) I work from home, trying to make a living by following my passion. It's taken a little longer than I had hoped, but I make family a priority so that is the way the business stuff goes. I love to hike, go on walks, and spend time with my girls and hubby. Truly, I'm happy when I can spend quality time with my family. It something I treasure each and every day!
b) My husband is very supportive and he makes me laugh. We keep our marriage strong by working together as parents and as a team in all aspects of our lives.
c) My twins are beautiful 4 year olds. Their similes are infectious and they have the most gorgeous blue eyes. They love to dress up as princesses and eat ice cream (I think they got that one from me).
d) There is definitely a balance between career and family. I've been more interested in family balance than work lately. I know that I am more appreciative of time with my girls because they are in daycare 3 days per week. The time way gives them the ability to make new friends and learn in ways I couldn't teach them in a home-schooled environment. And it allows me time to stay engaged in the business world and challenge my mind. We make evenings family time and the weekends are family focused too so that we have a good time together even if it's going to the grocery store.

Being a mom of twins can be both exciting and challenging. I tend to encourage my girls to be individuals, especially since they are fraternal, not identical, twins. Determine the best parenting approach for you and run with it. If you like to dress them alike, then do so. If you donít want to, then don't. Remember that you are always making decisions and choices that you think are best for you and your family. Don't worry about what other people say. Enjoy your twins and your family time because they grow up way too fast!

You can reach me anytime via email at I'm also on Facebook and Twitter (@tinytoes).

Until next month....

All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder)

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