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Twin Stuff!, Issue #028 -- Telling Twins Apart -- Fun Stuff For New Parents
November 06, 2012

Welcome to another issue of the Twin Stuff! newsletter!

November 2012 ~ Issue #028


  • Telling Twins Apart
  • Fun Stuff For New Parents
  • TwoCute™ Twins Photo Contest

  • Telling Twins Apart

    Many people who have an association with a set of twins, or even just out of simple curiosity, often wonder how to tell twins apart. This is a frequently asked question that ALL parents of twins get. There are, in fact, several things that new parents of twins do to be sure they don't mix up their little least while they are infants. I have yet to meet a parent of twins who could not tell them apart after the first few weeks of life (and in most cases even less time).

    Twins are, indeed, individuals. Even if they're identical, they will each exhibit their own unique way of going about life. These differences may be harder to define in the early months, but personality will eventually shine through. They will also likely have some subtle physical differences, like a birth mark, freckles, or difference in weight.....READ MORE

    Fun Stuff For New Parents

    Finding out you're expecting twins this day in age can be lots of fun! With all of the cool stuff that's become more readily available for this particular market, you're bound to find something that speaks to your status as a new twin parent. I mean, who dosen't want to show off just a little bit, right?

    Well, we've got a great new line up of items available on our sister site, Like the "got twins?" Gift Pack (shown above), or one of these cute magnetic Twin Ultrasound Frames (shown left).

    We also have some adorable coffee for Daddy of Twins and one for Mommy of Twins.

    From bumper stickers to key chains, there's something for every new Mom and Dad of twins!

    Shop now at Trends In Twos - The boutique for twins!

    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Here's our Halloween Costume Contest winner! Gotta love Tigger and Pooh!

    Now taking entries for November.

    November's winner will receive a $10.00 Gift Certificate to use

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    Twins Boutique

    Thanks for taking the time to read Twin Stuff!

    Until next time....

    All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder and Mom of twins)

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