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Twin Stuff!, Issue #018 -- Twin Nursing Pillows and Some Fun Polls
March 02, 2010

There's some fun polls going on this month...One is ours and the other is from our friends at D.U.B...Scroll down to see!

Author, Christina Tinglof, is on the hunt again for parents of twins for another article she's doing for TWINS Magazine. Plus, don't forget to see the February TwoCute™ contest winner.

March 2010 ~ Issue #018


  • Twin Nursing Pillows
  • Take A Poll
  • Parents Needed For Interview In TWINS Magazine
  • TwoCute™ Twin Photo Contest

    Twin Nursing Pillows

    twin nursing pillow A comfortable twin nursing pillow is a must if you plan on breastfeeding your twins. But, having a good pillow will also work for bottle feeding twins at the same time. Just think how useful it would be for Dad, Grandma, or other helpers too. Believe it or not, there's not many choices out there when it comes to twin nursing pillows, but I have written about the ones I have found. They are a bit more expensive than the familiar and popular, "Boppy". But, I can say with confidence that the Boppy was not meant for two, as I tried using one while nursing my own twins. The added support you get with a pillow designed for feeding two at a time is the main difference which makes all the difference. Although there are some other design quirks that work well too. You can read on to get more information on available types of twin nursing pillows...

    Did you or do you plan on breastfeeding your twins?

    Last month's newsletter poll asked "How Do You Feel About Plastic Surgery After Twins?"

    46% answered "If it was less expensive I may consider it."

    27% answered "I'm all for it!"

    11% answered "There's no way I would do it!"

    9% answered "It's just not worth it."

    7% answered "I don't think I need it.".

    *Stay tuned each month for a new poll and results!

    Take A Poll, Get A Discount!

    Our friends at Double Up Books are running a really fun poll where you actually get to vote on your favorite twin related books for their 1st Annual DUBBE Book Awards! At the end of the poll you will get a discount code to be used towards a purchase at Simply click the banner on the right to get started!

    Parents of Twins Needed!

    Author and mother of twins, Christina Tinglof is researching another article for TWINS Magazine!

    This time it deals with twins and weight. Namely, what do you do when one twin is overweight while the other is not? How do you handle this tricky and sensitive issue? Do you put the whole family on a diet? Do you try to get the entire family outside for a little exercise? In other words, how do you help the twin struggling with weight without comparing that child to his thinner co-twin? If you have young or school-age twins and are personally dealing with this issue, email me your story. As always, I'm forever grateful for the help.

    Anyone who is interested in participating can contact Christina by e-mail at:

    TwoCute™ Twins Contest Winner!

    Twin Contest Winner
    Here's February's winner! Looks like twice the fun in the snow for these two cuties!

    Now taking entries for March!

    Quick Links! | Parent's Community | Twins Survival Guide | Twin Book Project | Twins Boutique

    Do you want to be a Featured Mom? Send us your request and you might be next!

    Until next month....

    All the best, Kellie Asaro (site founder and Mom of twins)

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