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a how-to for Moms that want to be home with their twins!

I often get asked by other moms of twins how I am able to work from home, and how I started and continue to maintain this huge website.

You know years ago, after I had a singleton and then twins, I decided that I wanted to do something from home that could earn an income while allowing me the flexibility I needed to take care of my little ones...which we all know is a FULL-TIME job by!

I know that for a lot of moms with twins (or more!) this is a real issue. Go back to work or find a way to stay at home? The surprise of having TWO babies on the way is no joke when it comes to expenses!

At that time it was just going to be too costly for our family to pay for daycare for 3 kids, and really, I WANTED to be home to raise them. Being there for all of the milestones, being the one to console them when they had a boo-boo, teaching them manners, etc. was truly where I wanted to be as a mom....

Yet, I was totally unsure on what to do to generate an income from my own home. Literally clueless.

The only thing I was pretty sure about was that the internet would likely be key. So, I started there with MANY online searches...Which ended up in MORE online sign-ups and $$ for this system or that than I care to remember.

Nothing really worked or "spoke" to me until I came across SBI ...It's the way I built this website.

SBI stands for Solo Build It! And it helps you do just that, build a business on your own. Actually, it MORE than helps, it completely and utterly shows you how to do it ALL step-by-step. This means you, beginners! You will have everything you need and NO technical skills or extra programs required.

All you need is an idea, a hobby, an interest, something you love to talk about, something you get excited about, etc. Everyone has something...think about it. SBI WILL work for you and you will be doing what you love and sharing it with the world, to boot!

And yet, another favorite of mine, which I only recently got into, is called the Four Percent Group. It focuses on an innovative way of internet marketing and is a great supplement to working with SBI, though you can make good income with it by itself too. Do what works or feels right for you ;)

With the 4 Percent Group method you can learn, for FREE, in 7 easy steps how to build a solid income online. This works for anyone from beginners to more advanced users. Although, I can't guarantee how much money you will make, it all comes down to how much effort and time you put into it. After all, we don't know eachother and I am simply giving advice here :)

Anyhow, I will let the videos and links do the talking and show you exactly what I mean.

It's now been almost 10 years (and 4 kids) since I started this website (yes, was built with SBI!) and the proof is in the pudding. Give SBI or the Four Percent Group a shot yourself and I know you will thank me for it!

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