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If you have just found out about your twin pregnancy, or if you already have twins, this site was created especially for you. It's time to get ready for an extraordinary ride! From birth to parenting there is so much to learn and enjoy about twins.

Twin birth has become more and more common these days due to many factors, but it is, nonetheless, a very unique experience. Parents and families in this situation, along with the ones who already have twin children, want good information and advice pertaining to their special circumstances and challenges.

This site was the very first of its kind. It was lovingly founded by a mother of twins in 2007 on the basis of offering the best and most up-to-date "twin specific" information and support on all aspects of twins - from finding out about your twin pregnancy, through twin birth, raising twins and beyond. And, all this great stuff on a site that's down-to-earth, easy to navigate and family friendly!

You won't need to search endlessly around the web to find bits and pieces on this unique subject. Twin Pregnancy And Beyond™ has it all in one place with the added benefit of frequent updates, intriguing topics and visitor interaction! Because of all the wonderful contributions from twin parents around the world, it's truly grown into a community site, as well as the most comprehensive resource on the web.

You will find inspiring personal stories, helpful advice, cool photos, videos, and more from numerous parents and families who have or are expecting twins. Coupled with well researched informational articles, you are sure to come away with greater insight into the unique world of raising twins!

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