Twin Baby Shower Cakes

Twin baby shower cakes are fun to design. If you're expecting twins, your party will definitely need this unique focal point. With so many options, from professional cakes to home baked, you may be looking for some inspiration in planning and designing your own. It's good to have a theme in mind and can be helpful if you know the genders of your babies-to-be. But, either way, it's neat to be able to actually see some of the twin baby shower cakes other moms have had. This page is dedicated to viewing and sharing those ideas and designs. Some are truly one-of-a-kind creations, while others are simple and easy to do on a budget. Just scroll down the page (past the submission form) to click through our visitor's contributions. If you would like to share your own photo, just submit your image via the form below. What a cool way to help fellow twin moms with their special day!

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Our Little Butterflies - Twin Girls Baby Shower Cake 
Our theme was butterflies and since we were having twin girls, we wanted bright colors. The cake was 3 layers with each layer having a different flavor. …

Twin Boys Sports Cake 
The cake designer (and my mom of course) chose our fave sports teams and players as well as our babies names on this boys sports cake for our twin baby …

Animals Twin Baby Shower Cake 
This is a gender neutral cake for twins that was used for a baby shower. However, you could double up the animals for a Noah's Ark themed cake as well. …

Harley Boys Twin Baby Shower Cake 
Pregnant belly twin baby shower cake with Harley theme.

Welcome Babies - Twin Baby Shower Cake 
Twin having Twins - I loved this cake. I had no idea until I saw it.

Little Twin Stars Cake 
Since I'm having boy/girl twins, I chose a Little Twin Stars theme for my shower

Double Storks - Twin Baby Shower Cake 
This was one of my cakes at one of my surprise twin baby showers ! I loved it! I will be having baby boys (Alexis & Alexander) they should be here anytime …

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Baby Shower Cake 
I think Thing 1 and Thing 2 was such a cute idea for twin boys! It was a lot of fun!

Lisa's Twin Baby Shower Cake 
my best friend and my sister threw me my baby shower, I was lucky to have such great friends and family. this is a pic of my beautiful cake.

Dragonfly Cake for Twin Baby Shower 
Just as most twin pregnancies can be complicated, I am having mono/di twins which comes with its own set of concerns. I chose a theme in the nursery of …

Gifts from Above - Twin Baby Shower Cake 
Little did I know that a week after my family baby shower, I would have the twins early!!!! I gave birth to Katherine and Benjamin at almost 32 weeks!!! …

The 2 Coolest Peas in a Pod Cakes: Eli & Walker 
We were blessed to carry twin boys and enjoyed each day through our rocky pregnancy. When our 5 & 6 pound baby boys were born last August, baby A, who …

Our Little Cowboys - Twin Baby Shower Cake 
Western Themed BBQ Babyshower for Mom of twin boys.

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cake 
The cake reads: Double the Trouble Double the Fun Whit and Frank are Having 2 Little Ones!

Two Little Babies 
Michael & Priscilla's (the parents-to-be) Twin Shower Cake

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