Breastfeeding Twins
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We have created this special Breastfeeding Twins Photo Gallery and Guide to provide visual education, encouragement and support to those mothers contemplating, or who already are breastfeeding their twins.

Tandem nursing is a unique experience and sometimes requires some unique positions to accommodate two babies comfortably. You may have to get creative with the different holds to find what will work just right for you. It definitely helps to see exactly how other moms are doing it successfully. We appreciate all contributions made here in celebration of twin breastfeeding and sincerely thank you for posting your helpful pictures!

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Twin Girls Breastfeeding - 22 Months Old 
My Identical Twin Girls are 2 in October, still loving breast feeding :)

21 Month Old Twins Tandem Nursing 
This is a photo of me nursing my identical twin boys at 21 months. They are now almost 23 months & still at it. I plan to let them wean on their own. The …

3 Day Old Twins Breastfeeding - Football Hold 
I was tandem feeding my boys before leaving the hospital! I'm using the "My Brest Friend Twin" breastfeeding pillow. This pic was my first attempt which …

Hungry Twin Boys Breastfeeding 
Here i am feeding my twin boys Bekett and Teague at 6 months.

Holding Hands  
I had heard stories about twins sometimes holding hands while nursing. I thought oooooh how cute. Then when it happened to me I totally cried. It was so …

My Twin Girls Breastfeeding at 1 Month 
Aria and Addisyn nursing in the same position. super cute...that is how they sleep sometimes too, just like mommy.

Twin Breastfeeding Bliss 
We enjoyed a year of breastfeeding together.

Nursing My Twin Boys...8 Through 13 Months Old 
My twin boys and Nursing at home and NIP at the park. They are currently 17 months and still nursing 1-2x a day/night.

Twins Nursing and Holding Hands 
This is my twins nursing at 5 months old.

Moby Wrap Meets My Brest Friend  
I wanted something that would allow me to help one latch while the other nursed, and not have to worry that one would go rolling off the side. So I wrapped …

Breastfeeding The Babies At 4 Weeks Old 
This pic was taken when my b/g twins were 4 weeks old. They grew out of the pillow at 5 months so I fed them separately for a while. Now that they are …

Breastfeeding Twins At 6 Months 
Usually I breastfeed my twin boys separately as they got older and a lot bigger :) but there are many times they need to eat at the same time. I use pillows …

Breastfeeding Twins, Phoebe & Sofie - 7 Months Old 
I breastfed my twins the first week after their birth. Doing this along with taking care of my 3 older children ages 6 and under was too much for me mentally. …

Hands-Free!! - Tandem Nursing Photo 
We achieved hands-free tandem football hold nursing before we even left the hospital. The EZ-to-Nurse pillow was a godsend!

Double Football Hold Using Pilllows 
I prefered using 2 bed pillows, raised and supported with 3 sofa pillows: 1 under each kid, one flat on my lap (they shared for support under their heads.) …

Tandem Nursing Photo 
Found this wonderful old photo on the web at

The Football Hold 
This position was always the most comfortable for me. In the photo I am using the "Boppy" nursing pillow that I had used with my singleton. An actual …

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Nursing two babies is the most natural experience for everyone involved. There is nothing more nourishing than mother's milk and nothing more nurturing than feeding twins this way. Many mothers may shy away from tandem breastfeeding because they feel it will be just too challenging. That's why this resource is here! We truly hope you enjoyed and were inspired by these wonderful women who shared.

Check out this beautiful photo of a tribal woman nursing her twins from the National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

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