Twin Gear - What Will You Need?

When it comes to twin gear it's a good idea to know what you will truly need, what you might need and where to find it. We will cover the most important types of twin gear here to help make this process a bit less complicated. We've sifted through tons of products and equipment available for twins to give you a good idea about what's available. From which twin stroller to buy to twin cribs, there will be much to consider when buying for two. Read on for more specific information on different items.

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Twin Gear Guides


This is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of twin gear you will purchase. With so much to choose from it can be a daunting task. Will you need a double jogging stroller or a compact side-by-side, or both?
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There are not any car seats made especially for twins as this would become a safety issue. But you may want to consider car seats that are compatible with a particular double stroller. Travel systems, as they are called, become an asset when you need to get out an about with twin babies. Or, you may have a smaller car and need to fit twins and another sibling in the back seat...There is a solution!
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Another prospect when you have twins will be where they will sleep. There are in fact, a few genuine "twin cribs" to choose from. But if you have the room you may just settle on two separate cribs. And, of course, cost may be an issue.
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Consider your options carefully here. A good quality, roomy diaper bag should hold all of the necessities for your twins. And yes, you can use just one diaper bag for two babies.
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Many parents will find a twin baby carrier a helpful device. When you need to carry two babies and still want your hands free, this is a nice option.
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Not just for nursing, one of these specially designed pillows works great for bottle feeding twins as well. There are a few on today's market to choose from.
Click here to go to the Twin Nursing Pillow Guide


Two highchairs or one "twin" highchair? Before you decide, take a look at what's available....You may be surprised!
Click here to go to the Twin Highchair Guide


This is a fun category. There are actually some surprising options for "twin" toys that I have found on my hunt.
Click here to go to the Toys For Twins Guide

And be sure to check out our page on Planning A Twin Nursery for great tips, advice, ideas, and even some photos of twin nurseries!

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