" When are you due?"

by Jessica
(Groton, CT)

I am not the kind of person who likes much attention, especially when pregnant. It's not fun for me and if I could go right to labor I would. I am 32 weeks pregnant with twins and I am miserable! My tummy is big, and the most annoying question that I get is, "When are you due?" It actually started around 22 weeks. I would just answer that I am carrying twins. Then you get the surprised face and the follow up questions. Now that I am in the last stretch, I just kinda brush off the question or answer with, "it's twins." As much as I can't wait to meet these boys, I know I will only get more questions ;) Good luck and I wish you all the best of luck with your pregnancies!

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Jan 05, 2012
me too
by: deb

I have literally had checkout lines at the grocery store and at another store held up because of theis question and the followup questions and comments that come after. My favorite was when the cashier asked when I'm due, I told her March 20th (my official due date although with twins, dr's think February..her response.. are you sure? this of course prompted the lady behind me in line to chime in follwed by she and the cashier having a 5 minute conversation stating all the facts of why they knew i was due sooner. I purposely waited until their banter was over, then said, or it's becuase i'm having twins? then the congratulations and understanding followed..but.. gheez. My husband was embarrasssed at the grocery store xmas eve when we managed to hold up 2 express lines becuase both cashiers were in disbelief i wasn't expecting a christmas baby.. then once i said twins, they needed to know names, sexes, family history.. all the details. i thought it would bother me more.. but i think it's funny.. people are so amazed by twins!

Jan 02, 2012
I know what you mean
by: nikki :)

I know how you feel, I have to try to explain to people my due date but the fact that most of the time twins come early so i really dont know. and the fact that my doctor says full term for twins is 36 weeks, thats gets people even more confused.

Nov 19, 2010
Any day now!
by: Jessica

I am currently pregnant with girl/boy twins. I am 35.5 weeks pregnant. I am misrable. I can hardly walk, sit, or sleep!! I have had a few contractions here and there but no real signs that labor is coming. I'm hoping I can make it till after Thanksgiving. Congrats to you other expecting twin Moms!!! =)

Nov 19, 2010
Everyone gets rude pregnancy comments
by: Anonymous

I got that with my first pregnancy (a singleton). It started in about June and people would ask "When are you due?" and I would tell them "October". They'd look me straight in the face and say "Are you having twins?" or "Are you sure there's not another one hiding in there?". When I assured them that it was in fact just one baby, they'd say things like "You'll never make it to October." or "You should make that doctor check again." or "Well, doctors don't know everything.". It got old pretty quick. I tolerated it because most of the questions came from patients at work (I worked in a doctor's office at the time), but now that I'm only employed by my 2 year old, I may not be so nice, lol.

Now I'm 9 weeks pregnant with twins and I'm scared of how big I'll get. I'm 5'1" so the babies will have nowhere to go but out. I'm bracing myself for triplet questions, lol.

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