12 to 13 Weeks Twin Belly

by stephanie

12 weeks

12 weeks

In the stripped shirt I was 12 weeks pregnant with twins and the bare belly is 13 weeks pregnant =] I am now going on 15 weeks being pregnant and haven't taken an update picture since the 13th week. I think Im a lil huge for being this early in the stage lol

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Jan 18, 2012
12 wks with twins
by: samona

no ur not!! im 12 wks pregnant with twins and im just as big as you!! i thought i was the only one who felt this big so early into the pregnancy!!

Jan 07, 2012
im big
by: Anonymous

lol yeah i went in for my regular appointment and my doctor said i had the uterus of a 7 month pregnant women! i was like woah! im only 4 months! but every ultrasound and blood test has came back positive so im pretty sure they are healthy! the only thing is is that im not gaining any weight! the babys are growing and look fine im just not gaining any weight! i lost 4 lbs from morning sickness and ive gained just those 4 lbs back :/

Dec 31, 2011
Not to big
by: Jennifer

I know how you feel, my friend is 24 weeks and I am bigger then her at 13 weeks. But you don't look any bigger then I do. As long as they are healthy thats all that matters.

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