13 Weeks With Twins - Having Some Bleeding and Spotting

by Jen
(Sherwood, OR)

Our 2 babies!

Our 2 babies!

At 10 weeks I went in for my first doctor visit and found out it's twins. Like a few of you out there I knew in my heart but was still shocked to see them on the ultrasound. What was funny was that my husband thought it was twins but never mentioned it to me! We are nervous at times but overall very excited. We now know it runs in both sides of our family trees too...a little late notice :)

After weeks of waiting we finally told the family we were expecting, but not that it is twins. We waited to reach the 12 week mark and after our more comprehensive ultrasound. Found out it's identical MO/DI pregnancy which is all a bit exciting and scary since it is slightly higher risk than fraternal twins.

Our family and friends are all excited for us which makes us really happy since we were not sure we were going to have more (we have 5 and 8 year old boys - they are totally excited) and it was a big surprise for them.

So on to the "some bleeding" part...
At 12 weeks 1 day (1 day after the ultrasound) I noticed some spotting which the doctor attributed to intercourse the night before. It did go away within the day. But, the next evening around 10 I used the bathroom and found bleeding. It was enough to shock and scare me. Like what you see during a period. Red not brown and enough to cover the tissues when I wiped 3x. So, I called the nurse advice line and was asked the standard questions and when they called back 10 mins later I was sent to the hospital for a check up.

I was really nervous but I prayed for my babies and for my own good health and proceeded to the ER. I was seen fairly quickly by the nurses and the doctor came pretty quickly too.

I did find that when I used the toilet at the hospital that the blood was nearly gone...too weird. So the doctor did a vaginal exam looking for tears or other issues and found only that the blood was coming from the cervix which was otherwise normal.

Next was the ultrasound and I have to say I was terrified of what they might find. I want my babies and cannot stand the thought of a miscarriage. Low and behold two healthy heart beats and active babies were still there in a perfectly sound uterus.

So, the question is why was I bleeding and spotting? I am now 13 weeks and have had more spotting and some very light bleeding. I feel fine other than a nasty cold. My husband thinks the coughing caused the bleeding and if he's right it might explain why I am still spotting a tiny bit. I just hope it all stops soon so I don't have to worry about it.

I was told that some women do spot or bleed during pregnancy and that they don't know why when there are no other obvious causes. I was also told that being pregnant with twins raises that risk.

In the end I do not have a good explanation but I am very glad to have made it through the first trimester and to have 2 healthy babies growing inside me. I hope to have more good info to add another day. God bless all of you and your babies.

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Jan 26, 2019
13 weeks with twins
by: Anonymous

I’m 13 weeks i been spotting for two days off in on i went to the ear in they told me i was ok the babies where fine but was so scared that i don’t know what’s is going on so Monday i will calling the doctors offices to make sure everything is ok

Mar 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 13 weeks pregnant with twins last week I have little bleeding I am going hospital Dr exams my vaginal everything is ok after 1 day I have scan midwives tell me baby's ok .but today Sunday midnight I have to much bleeding no pain but bleeding I am very upset plzz tell me advice

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