16 Weeks Pregnant With Twins...Barely Showing?

by Venus Ramos
(New York, New York,USA)

I am 16 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. This is my second pregnancy after 12 years. During my first pregnancy with my daughter by this time I was showing and my stomach was already hard. Now, with this pregnancy, I'm barley showing and my stomach isn't hard at all.

I have read up on twin pregnancy and I guess it's just me being impatient. My babies are growing just fine. Maybe it's just me. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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Jan 02, 2016
Try not to worry
by: Nicola

Don't worry! I was the same as you at 16 weeks you could barely tell I was pregnant and now at 24 weeks I have majorly popped out! Every pregnancy is different. Good luck! I know it's really hard not to worry about everything :)

Nov 04, 2014
Me too!
by: Anonymous

Don't worry, I am 31 weeks and sometimes I look in the mirror and think "shouldn't I look more pregnant?" LOL. As long as babies are growing, that is all that matters. Good luck!

Dec 06, 2013
Its ok:)
by: Rachel

We had our twins in June and they were our first and only set of twins. I got the positive test done at 6 weeks and then a doctors appointment at 12 weeks where they couldn't find a heart beat which they sent me to the hospital the next day for a ultrasound. We were ready for heartbreaking news but they found two babies that were alive and well!! Like I said all this was at 12 weeks and I was not showing in the least bit, I didn't even feel pregnant. I didn't show until 4 or 5 months along. Our twins were 7.5 lbs. and 6 lbs. 6.5 oz. at birth so they were not small babies :) You will be just fine as long as your doc has no concerns:) Eat well, rest, drink tons of water, and take care of yourself :) It goes by so fast!!

May 24, 2013
Body Type
by: Anonymous

This depends on your body type and trust me you are lucky not to be showing so soon. I am 14 weeks and I have been told I look like I'm 20 weeks. These are my second/third babies too and I started showing at 6 weeks and my belly was hard at 12 weeks. Also did you have morning sickness? I didn't have any sickness, I think women gain weight faster if they don't have any sickness.

Oct 11, 2012
it's coming that baby bump!!!
by: Anonymous

In my experience second pregnancy takes longer to show, I had 4 kids in three pregnancies and that's what I found. The belly getting harder is the same thing. I didn't start showing with my twins till I was 3 1/2 months pregnant, had no idea that I was expecting twins till 20 wks.

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