2 Years Wait For 2 Babies!

by Stephanie
(Brussels, Belgium)

My name is Stephanie and I'm 33. it took me four years and a lot of help to get pregnant with my first child but a second IVF attempt was successful and we were blessed with a healthy little girl.

Throughout the pregnancy I kept saying that since I had to wait years for my baby, it would have been nice to have twins! I changed my mind after being a full time mother. We had IVF again at the beginning of this year and were transferred one embryo but to everyone's surprise (identical twins are apparently not very common with IVF), it split and we find ourselves expecting identical twins.

We are both shocked and excited as we really thought we would probably not have more than two children. It's still early but I feel quite good, twice as tired, I eat for three and I'm already much bigger than I was with my first pregnancy but I feel truly priviledged to join such an exclusive club as that of parent of three children and parent of twins! I had to wait two years for this pregnancy but I'm getting twice the joy!

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