22 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

by Candeece
(Pine Bluff, Arkansas)

I am super excited, and I'm pregnant with fraternal boy\girl twins!!!

Currently I have a son, and he's age 9. Personally, I did pray to have a baby with my husband-to-be, and I asked God for a boy, and then I stated to God I wanted a girl!!! Wow!!!! Let me inform everyone I did not know I was pregnant, but I was lying in bed with my love, and I promise, when I looked at him, I seen a baby girl and boy!! Huh???

Well I was involved in a accident, and the ER doctor ordered lab work and urine, (normal). The doctor then, told me, a specialist was called for further examination of the test. Okay scared!!!!

The specialist performed the test, and I found out I was carrying two babies(God is real), and I found out the sexes last week, boy\girl....And the vision I witnessed is true because (baby A girl) 1st, and (baby B) boy second..The names of my little paddling feet are Brooklyn and Braxton!!! It's Great to meet everyone!!! Due date: July 20th 2016:)

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