22 Weeks

by Courtney

I found out that they shared a placenta but were in different sacs. So they could be fraternal or identical. They are both boys.

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Sep 26, 2009
by: Courtney wolfe

So I had the boys on august 5th and they are fraternal. At first they looked identical. But now are way different...

Sep 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

I read that even in fraternal twins, the placentas may fuse. So, you can still have fraternal twins with fused placenta's - that is, one placenta and different sacs.

Originally, during earlier ultrasounds, I was told I have fraternal twins with two sacs and two placentas.
Recently though, during the 19th ultrasound, I was told by the ultrasound tech that there's a common placenta appearing.

Jul 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, ive been told that they are identical then they arent. Then was told that we will only know when they are born! All because they can see a very fine membrane between them!

Jun 23, 2009
Identical vs fraternal
by: Anonymous

how many sacs isn't the tell tale sign.....if they share a placenta that means they are identical...when there are 2 placentas they are fraternal. Congrats!!

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