22 Year Old Fraternal Boy/Girl Twins

I have a twin brother and we are four minutes apart (I'm older of course =)). All my life I've heard about how close twins are and the "special" relationship that they typically have. And, while me and my brother are close, it seems more like second nature to be close and not something extraordinary. While we still have our disagreements, after about 5 minutes we forget what were mad about and go on like nothing happened. Even after all these years and both living practically on opposite ends of the country we still find tine to keep in touch everyday whether calling or just sending a "hey" through text. He is the other half of me and I cant imagine not having him as my "twinie"!

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Jun 17, 2014
How cute
by: Marismom

i am also 22 weeks b/g twin and that was my biggest question would they be very close especially since they are opposite sex. i cant wait to meet my bundle of joys and Im pretty sure you can't either. Congrats to you!!!

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