24 weeks with fraternal girl/girl twins

by Ryan

I am 31 years old, I am 24 weeks into this excursion and this is my second (and last)pregnancy. We are having fraternal girl/girl twins. Just feeling like I wish I was ready for my csection already! My belly feels so heavy at the end of the day and I just cant get comfortable in bed. Sitting seems to be the worst for me. Baby A is VERY active and Baby B seems very sleepy most days. Good luck to everyone!

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Aug 22, 2018
Preggo with fraternal boy/girl twins
by: Anonymous

I am 24 weeks pregnant with fraternal boy/girl twins. They weigh in at 1lb 9oz and 1 lb 4oz.. Both are very active! They’re measuring on track and doing very well. I haven’t gain much weight yet as I was already overweight prior to my pregnancy.
My stomach feels very heavy most of the time especially after eating. I thank God for these 2 bundles of joy as they are a blessing to my hubby and I. I had a son that passed away 10 years ago so I am so thankful for my babies! Stay in faith everyone God will take care of you and your babies.

Dec 06, 2011
24 weeks pregnant twin girls
by: kate

I am 24 weeks pregnant and this is my sixth pregnancy and this is so much different from all my others. I seem to be more worried this time around I think this is because I am 38 and there are two to think about rather than just the one. Feeling better now I have read that not both twins move the same as twin a is very active and twin B is more quite. Good Luck to you all and enjoy.

Jul 28, 2011
24 weeks
by: Heather

I am 35 And pregnant for the first time. Expecting fraternal twins boy and girl. Twin a moves some but not as much as twin b. Twin a is very low and when she is facing down and moving around I feel like she is kicking my booty.

Apr 17, 2011
I know what you mean!
by: Felecia

I'm also 24 weeks pregnant with fraternal girl/girl twins. I have to say I feel a bit better reading your comments. Although I've been pregnant before, I am surprised just how heavy my belly is this time.

I still get sick daily and I am uncomfortable most of the time.

Being pregnant with twin girls is truly a blessing but I am ready for it to come to an end!

Apr 09, 2011
22 Weeks pregnant with fraternal girl/girl twins
by: Kandice

Im 18 and 22 weeks pregnant first time mom and Like everyone is saying baby B on top moves more than Baby A on buttom guess just normal. My babys are about 14 ounces a piece almost a pound and doc says that is very good at this stage with twins. Im scared all the time had a miscarriage 3 months prior to getting pregnant and lost it at 5 weeks long due to a chemical embalance or something. But good luck to everyone and wish the best I know how it is to freak and being a only parent pretty much. God watches and as long a s you have hope and faith everything will be ok.

Apr 07, 2011
22 weeks pregnant with girls
by: Katie

i am 22 weeks pregnant with fraternal twin girls. i always feel twin 1 more often than twin 2 but i dont worry because i believe i was given 2 babies as a gift and i know my babies will be healthy and well. enjoy your pregnancy please do not worry!! goood luck x x

Apr 02, 2011
by: Ireland

Hi. I too am 22 weeks pregnant with identical twin boys. I am so worried all the time, and I am sure it cannont be good for the boys. I am on semi bed rest but as I am self employed with two other boys finding this all very difficult.
I just hope and pray each day that I can bring them into the world safely.

Mar 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Me too, I constantly worry if something is wrong, but theres not much you can do but just hope it will all be okay...GOOD LUCK!

Mar 10, 2011
22 weeks twins
by: Anonymous

I am 22 weeks twins and doctor has told me that the uterus has over enlarged it looks like 32 weeks and asked me to take complete rest.Do any one come across this situation.

Mar 09, 2011
I can understand
by: Anonymous

I feel ur pain I'm 22 weeks with twin boy and girl and one baby is way more active than other I always wonder if the other one is ok..

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