24 Weeks With Identical Twin Girls

by Julie
(Temecula, CA)

Twin identical girls these babies are #'s 8 and 9 for us.

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Jul 29, 2009
by: mel

Congrats i'm 32 expecting indentical twin girls and they will be our 4 and 5. Soooo excited its the first set of twins in the whole tribe. We love a big family. 28weeks but still suffering with heartburn and sickness.Getting there slowly. Stay blessed to all the moms to be!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 24, 2009
Congratulations to Kylie...
by: Julie

Oh Congratulations! Its very exciting! I hope your first months are not too hard on you. I always had pretty easy pregnancies with little morning sickness. This pregnancy is sooooo different right from the start the fatigue and
"all day sickness" were pretty bad. The sick part pretty much went away at 4 months but still struggling with fatigue and the heartburn is pretty bad, but I'm so thankful the babies are doing well, no signs of twin to twin as of right now. Ours are aged 22-20-19-17-10-6-2 (yes, all from the same dad, in case your wondering, lol)
Well take care and God Bless

Mar 21, 2009
I am also due with baby 8 and 9 !
by: kylie

I have just found out im expecting twins early nov,
These are also my 8th and 9th babys !
Mine are aged
13-12-8-7-5-4-and 2

Mar 18, 2009
by: Kazzie

What a beautiful glowing Mum you are!

I come from a small family and myself have four.

I am Grandma to six with three on the way...one set of boy/girl twins and a singelton.

All the best for your continuing pregnancy.

Kazzie in Australia

Mar 13, 2009
Large Family
by: Julie

Yes we love having a large family, our kids ages are really spread out...our oldest is 22 years old. They are all really great and as you know I'm sure, there's never a dull moment! We have 4 sons and 3 daughters right now so the girls will be ahead after these babies are born, our boys insist it's cheating. Are your kids close together in age? How many times have you heard "don't you know what causes that" LOL. I love my last pregnancy especially because people would ask if it was my first, I would reply that it was my Seventh and almost every time, they would say "your second?" When I reiterated seventh their jaw would drop, lol it was so funny.... I'm 27 weeks now and I can't believe how large I am. Is your pregnancy a lot harder with your twins than your previous singleton ones? I have been really blessed in the past with pretty easy pregnancies, but this one....... yikes. Is everything well with them? I hope so. Anyway, thank you for your nice comment.

God Bless, Julie

Mar 13, 2009
How Cute!
by: BJ Reid

I love your pic. I am also pregnant with twin girls. I am 25 weeks. This will be baby #6 and #7 for us. Do you love having a large family?

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