26 Weeks With Twin Boys

26 weeks with twin boys!!

26 weeks with twin boys!!

I am on my second pregnancy with twin boys and when I was pregnant my daughter I wanted twins so bad. You see, I have twins all through out my family and I just thought it would be awsome to have twins too.

Now, looking at my 4 yr old daughter who bounces off the walls on a daily baisis, I am in fact pregnant with twins!! Me and my husband are in for it come due time. I envy those who have twins on their 4th or 5th pregnancy.

But, what gets me is that all the twins in my family are identical, which suposidly don't run down the generations. But, mine are fraternal. I think there might be more truth to ALL twins run down generations than previously thought. No matter Fraternal-Identical.

Any way you look at it, we feel truly blessed.

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