29 Weeks with Identical Boys

by Emilie
(SW Australia)

This is my first pregnancy and it has been quite a ride. I am a yoga teacher and taught until 27 weeks, but had to stop 2 weeks ago at my doctor's suggestion. Everyone keeps saying I will be getting bigger- and of course, I know it is true- but I have no idea where the space will come from! I am aiming for 36 weeks- fingers crossed... we are so excited to meet these little men!

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Mar 28, 2011
36 weeks- you can do it!
by: Anonymous

I have twin boys who are fraternal- they are now 8 months old- geeze time flies! I practiced yoga through my enitre pregnancy (took my last class at 38 weeks) and my doctors told me- just pray they stay in till 36 weeks- I am telling you... you can do this- and you might even surprise yourself by keeping those lil men in thier for longer than you expect! I did- at 39 weeks I was ready for my boys to come. The yoga is a great way to prepare for the birth! You are going to do great!

Mar 18, 2011
by: Emilie

The last comment was mine...I forgot to add my name in the box above. I would forget my head if it weren't attached to my body these days!

Mar 18, 2011
Thank you
by: Anonymous

I much appreciate the kind comments. To the mum of mono/mono twins- I have a friend who has been in your same situation and her twins are now happy and healthy 3 year olds. I've heard so many happy stories for mono/mono, I know the anxiety must feel overwhelming,(at 28 weeks they transferred me to a new hospital saying we would be delivering the next morning if the scan was still abnormal and then told me not to worry when I asked what, if anything, I could do. I responded by asking if an immediate lobotomy was available as part of delivery prep because that was the only way to stop my worrying- so I know it feels ridiculous when people tell us to try to stay calm), but remember it really can and will be okay. We were lucky in that our twins are mono/di- so same placenta but separated sacks. However, we've had a few real scares with abnormal doppler readings and concern about twin to twin transfusion, but at the moment the boys look healthy and stable. The abnormal dopplers for Twin 2 have been on and off (Twin 1 has been just fine all the way through, thank goodness) and now the docs think it might come down to how active T2 is and his tendency to have hiccups during scans, which does make me smile. Point is, it's been a tense process but now I just take each scan as it comes! I'm 32 weeks today and keeping fingers and toes crossed for 35-36. My partner and I live in the country, so I have had to move away from home to be close to the hospital which is really tough, he is back home because of work, but I know it is worth it because now we have incredible care and I have more faith in the boys being okay if they do need to come early. But what an experience so far... I have a feeling twin pregnancy is one heck of an initiation into motherhood! I wish you all the best with your twins- I'm sure they will be beautiful.

Mar 17, 2011
Pregnant with Mono/Mono Twin boys -identical
by: Anonymous

I was relieved to read this post as of today 3/17/2011!

I too am pregnant with mono/mono twin boys due sometime in May or June. I am hoping for June since I am striving for the 34 week mark! I am trying to maintain a positive attitude for myself and for our boys!

I am being admitted into the hospital next week as I will have already hit the 24 week mark. I am mostly nervous about the hospital stay versus the pregnancy, but I know I will be in great hands and the hospital I will be delivering at via c-section just delivered a set of mono/mono twins, so this is fresh in the Drs minds when I am there.

I am 23 weeks today and have another scan on Monday before I go in. I hope and pray our little ones are doing well. I feel them kicking quite a bit, but mostly when they are hungry- kinda like they are pulling on their cords to tell me "Mom, its time to eat!" After I eat- they calm down!!! go figure... : ) getting a heads up on their feeding/sleeping schedule!

I want to wish all the Mothers whom are expecting mono/mono twins to hang in there and know that you were blessed. Stay positive, pray and be happy. It is a wonderful time in our lives!

God bless! :)

Mar 17, 2011
by: Mark

Absolutely beautiful :) Thanks for sharing.

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