30 weeks - Belly with b/g twins

by Kasondra
(Anderson, CA)

30 weeks w/twins

30 weeks w/twins

I am right at 30 weeks with fraternal twins one boy and one girl.....I have only gained 22 pounds, but my belly is HUGE....my husband was an 8 pound triplet so my babies will more than likely be big too =)

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Aug 24, 2012
weight gained
by: stacy

Hi I'm 30 wks pregnant with fraternal twins, boy/girl, have only gained 10 pounds so far.Everything has been going well so far except I have a pregnancy rash p.u.p.p.s. I have had it for about 3wks now and will have it til I deliver. Already have 6children and have never gone through anything like this.But it will be worth it in the end!!

Mar 05, 2010
Right in line
by: Anonymous

I am expecting b/g twins too and so far have only gained 22 lbs as well. I hope that there wont be too much more weight gain for the remaining 10 weeks. How much did you gain altogether?

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