31 Weeks Growing Twin Belly

by Ksandra

31 Weeks in all its glory

31 Weeks in all its glory

Here I am 31 weeks with girl twins. I hurt like CRAZY. I had them by c-section at 35.4 days and they were 7.2 lbs and 8.6 lbs. Eat your heart out Kate Goslin - I carried more in 2 babies than she did in SIX! lol

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Jul 06, 2012
by: corina

amazing! you were all baby! and your babies were perfect weight! congratulations
im 25 weeks right now with boy/girl fraternal twins ..im hoping my 2 little blessings come out healthy!

Jun 18, 2012
making it all the way
by: Anonymous

My OB wouldn't induce me - just wanted me to go as far as I could. I ended up on bedrest for 17 days and had shots and pills to keep my contractions down the entire time. My cervix never changed tho so they weren't too concerned about that. Good luck!

Jun 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm was wondering about that in currently pregnant with twin girls I'm so concern about them. My doctor told me
That 34 weeks it's a good for twins but I'm so afraid of them spending time on the NiCU... I'm 22w 4d now...

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