32 Weeks 3 Days

by Ginny

Hangin' in there...

Hangin' in there...

The shock finally wore off as the real pain started setting in. I stopped stressing out about the details of the labor and delivery part - only because I finally figured out that there were just so many scenarios...I wouldn't be able to plan on anything in particular like I could with my other 3 pregnancies anyway.

Right now I'm focusing on making it through each day and hoping to carry these little gals at least through the end of school and baseball season!

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Jun 01, 2009
Future mom of 5
by: Wendy

Glad to see there is another mom out there having twins after having 3 kids. I was beginning to think I was alone out there. You look wonderful! I am due in October and I am scared to death my doctor will put me on bed rest. What mom has time for that? Good luck to you!

May 30, 2009
Yeah! Still here :)
by: Anonymous

36 weeks tomorrow and still here! I've been having contractions 2-4 minutes apart since 1pm but no pain with them...weird.

May 25, 2009
by: Expecting twin girls

You look great!

May 22, 2009
Good Luck!
by: Anonymous

You're such a cute mommy! I'm right there behind you with my twin boys - 31 weeks. Hang in there a bit longer, babies!!!

May 21, 2009
by: Hope

I'm an Oregon Mommy having identical boys! Congrats on your girls =) You look really good: my pic is on here somewhere...

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