32 Weeks With Twin Girls

by Kimberlee

My first baby was 10.2, my second was 11.8, my third was 8.2 and my fourth was 11.2. My twins weighed 4 pounds each at 31 weeks. We are all very curious how big these babies will be. I measured 44 cm at 33 weeks. I am going to deliver when I am 35 1/2 weeks on Dec 31st. All I can say about being pregnant with twins is that you feel full term a lot longer and it is unbearable at the end and not too many people understand. I cry from discomfort almost every night and ambien sleeping med. is a must for me.

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Aug 26, 2010
svt in twin pregnancy
by: kimberleemomof6

I am the above mother that had a twin pregnancy, where only one baby had SVT in utero. We treated the SVT with oral medicine. At 27 weeks there was fluid around the heart, therefore I was admitted. I was given steroids and oral medicine. Within 24 hours we never saw SVT again. I delivered at 35 weeks. Both babies never had any SVT problems after birth. They had weak heart septums, but got stronger as time went on. One baby was discharged from pediatric cardiology shortly after birth, and the other one has a post checkup at 2 years. They are now 20 months and are both doing awesome. It was scary while they were in utero, because at one point we thought we might lose the one twin or deliver her early to save her at 27 weeks, and then take the other one too. But the medicine worked. (Digoxin) All Glory goes to God.

Dec 22, 2008
large babies
by: Anonymous

I too have had some scares in this pregnancy. You will get a growth ultrasound every four weeks, and that is always reassuring. Earlier in this pregnancy, I read a lot regarding that because twins can come early, it is important that they gain weight in the first and second trimester, because you don't necessarily complete your third trimester in it's entirety. With twins, they are concerned that you won't gain enough. I have never had gestational diabetes and with one of my 11 pounders I only gained 34 pounds. If you think that is it, maybe you want to get tested twice for it. I do believe it is in the genes. There is a book out there that has a recommended weight gain chart for twin pregnancy according to your BMI before pregnancy and I found it really helpful staying within the range. Aleast then I knew I was doing my part. The rest was out of my control. The good thing is that high risk medical care is pretty good, even though I have had some problems with my docs. communication wise, they do know how to treat problems when they occur. One of my babies had SVT, a heart rate of 249 bpm, and they have got it down in the last 7 weeks and it is staying down. It's normal to feel what your feeling, but remember you want large babies this time! That's a huge mental shift. We had shoulder distocia twice, atleast now that fear is gone... as two twins shouldn't be 11 pounds each. It looks like I am have a c/s anyway. So you can enjoy the fact you might not have to push out super large babies.

Dec 21, 2008
Also have had large babies
by: Anonymous

Thank you for that. My first two babies were born weighing 10.7 and 12.6 and I'm now 6 weeks preg with twins. I'm really scared about this twin pregnancy with the history of large babies we have.

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