34 Weeks / Twin Boys

by Belinda

First pregnancy and we are having twin boys. Whether they are identical or not is still a mystery, but we know they are di/di. I've gained over 40lbs and have never been more uncomfortable in my life! But it's all worth it, right? I secretly prayed for twins, so you can imagine the disbelief when I learned during our first US that God went ahead and answered my secret prayer. I'm soooooo very ready for them to come out so I can actually see my swollen feet and sausage toes. lol

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Jan 28, 2014
by: ENR

You look amazing dear… All baby, but just amazing!
I secretly prayed for twins too. My first ultrasound at 6 weeks revealed only one! My second ultrasound at 8 weeks (went in again due to excessive cramping!) revealed 2! A week or so before that I had a dream that I had Quad-Boys! I am slightly anxious but extremely happy and grateful to God to be having twins! Lost my first pregnancy at 5 months, a very painful experience! But I've been rewarded twice as much!!! ...This feels positively different and hubby and I are looking forward to welcoming our first babies!!!

Feb 10, 2012
you look great
by: Anonymous

you look incredible... you're pure baby, and your belly is so round!
good luck to you!

Feb 04, 2012
so exciting!!
by: Dana

You look great in the photos and God is so good, isn't He? I have been searching for women who actually WANTED to have twins and were delighted to have been blessed with them. I am currently in my seventh pregnancy and feel like I am having twins. I am 11 weeks along and really popped out early and have been extremely hungry right from the moment I found out I was pregnant just about. I am going for a sonogram soon to confirm whether it's twins I'm carrying or not. I am hopeful that it is. I have never even thought about twins until now. It just feels so different this time.

Dec 21, 2011
Answered prayer
by: Anonymous

I secretly prayed for twins too! I am really excited about them, but my husband is nervous so I don't think I'll let him in on the secret! :-)

Sep 29, 2011
no fair
by: Anonymous

The rest of you is so thin!

You look gorgeous!

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