34 Weeks With Twins

by Leanne Heaven
(United Kingdom)

1 week before giving birth

1 week before giving birth

My Birth Story:
Right from conception I thought I wouldn't have an easy pregnancy or delivery. From 10 weeks my legs, ankles and feet were double in size, I didn't know I was pregnant at the time. Three doctors appointments and 4 pregnancy tests later showed I was, and was showing signs of severe edema.

I was signed off work for most of the pregnancy due to the fact I couldn't walk any more than 10 minutes without being in severe pain. At 12 weeks I had my 1st dating scan.... oh my, I'm carrying twins!!!

Around 5 months I started getting shooting pains in my pelvis, which turned out to be SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction ), after seeing a physio I wore a special belt, not as severe as some cases I have read.

At 6 months I looked like I was 9 months and was diagnosed with anemia and gestational diabetes, so was taking 4 iron tablets a day and 4 metformin tablets. Oh yes, and no cakes or anything else I craved :(.

Thinking back to the night when my waters broke I was 35 weeks. My partner and I were not living together (we've had a long distance relationship for 5 years) and my mum was working night shifts for the nhs. I remember telling all on facebook that I was going into labour and had to wake up my sister's boyfriend and ask him to take me to the hospital. It was such a rush I forgot everything, my notes, bags, even the twins 1st clothes. I think I was freaking out more that I was going to be on my own.

After checking in at L&D there was no sign of babies and had to stay in overnight for monitoring. My sister arrived the following morning and said my mum would be up later. My OB said that if the babies didn't show within the next 24 hours they would induce me. But luckily within 3 hours I was 3cm dilated. I felt nothing. No contractions, no pain, just the monitor flashed up saying I had one.

Finally my mum and partner have arrived- I feel calm. I remember next that a nurse came to check on me and said I was 6cm dilated -again I felt nothing, and I was rushed to the delivery room.

I must of had around 5 nurses and 1 doctor with me as they explained that I had to either have the epidural or c-section. I chose epidural, which was hard to do, such a big bump and them telling me to lean right over, thought I was going to fall off the bed at one point. Another problem occurred they told me that my body wasn't producing the correct hormones for the contractions, so I had to have a drip to help the labour along. I remember having 2 midwives by my head, one holding my hand, my partner holding the other. 1 midwife checking the drip and telling me when to push, 2 midwives holding my legs, 1 doctor, my mum watching, and 2 paediatric nurses with 2 incubators... a lot going on. I was pushing what seemed to be forever, the doctor told me that twin 1 needed forceps. I shouted "it's fine, jus no cutting", petrified of knives and being cut open. I feel a weird kind of pressure as twin 1 came out, crying and quickly whisked away. The next bit was much like a blur, I don't remember giving birth to twin 2. I remember seeing the doctor with some thread and asking her what she was doing, she replied "nothing Leanne its ok". I'm knackered, I look over to my mum who's holding twin 2 and my partner holding twin 1. I don't get to see or hold my twins for another 12 hours, as I've lost so much blood I had to have 2 blood transfusions, and was hardly eating.

I later realised after reading my notes the twins were born by Ventouse and I had an Episiotomy. A nurse brought them in to me, but I was so out of it on drugs I didn't want to hold them. Once I regained my energy I was back on ward with 1 cot and 2 babies, who looked so cute all snuggled together, well worth the wait.

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