35 Weeks 3 Days Twin Belly

by marizel garcia
(philadelphia pa)

Well, it's much different than carrying a single baby. It's hard work, especially if you have Lil children already with messes and attitudes and fighting with one another. And the patience you must have with children (even more while pregnant) because already our hormones are just so scattered.

BUT, at this stage, 35 weeks pregnant, tmi but it seems I'm cleaning my system seems as though everything I eat I'm having to go #3 you know? I sicking but I guess my body is getting for my girl's big day. Oh, I'm sorry I'm having faternal with girls.

I'm 5'1" and my babies so far weigh 4 pounds 13 ounces and 4 pounds 10 ounces. They're both head down. That's their weight as of March 10 So next week Thursday I'll be 36 weeks 4 days. My next ultrasound find out how much they weigh if they are still head down.

SOO I'm excited, happy, WORE out, tired getting ready to call in Love all over again. But I must say I have been getting contractions which is normal and expected around this time around. My twins just at night feel so strong in my belly like they can rip through my belly. My belly is just sososo itchy omg!

Trying to drink plenty of water and I have been organizing the house just in preparation for my ladies arrival.


My kids are excited and I'm so looking forward to the twins looking into my eyes to see Mami and thir brothers and sister. So wish me well with the ladies thanks everyone for feedback if given.

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Apr 05, 2016
by: T

You have one of the most BEAUTIFULLY shaped pregnant bellies I've ever seen and the best part of it is your outie bellybutton!!!So,all of you expecting ladies out there,just remember that when the button pops OUTIES TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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