35 Weeks Belly - Mono-Di Boys

by Arian
(New Hampshire)

This is my huge belly at 35 weeks. :) I'm having identical boys, they are both over 5 pounds as of two weeks ago. Doing great! So very excited to meet my sweet babies.

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Feb 16, 2013
My boys are awesome!
by: Arian

An ounce difference is not bad! My boys had a few ounces difference between them sometimes but no ttts for us. They were born at 38.5 weeks at 7lbs and 7lbs 8oz!! My only advice is don't worry too much. I was very nervous about lots of things but it only made me stressed it didn't help anything, and I was told twins basically always come early... Well apparently not always! The baby that was heavier was also half an inch longer and at 2.5 months he is still bigger/longer but my little guy is catching up. :)

Dec 25, 2012
Mono-di girls
by: Anonymous

I'm also having mono-di twin girls and I'm very nervous about all the risks. It's wonderful to see you've done so well with ur pregnancy! I've had a bit of a scare early with an ounce size difference between my girls and I'm praying Friday's appt bears good news. Congrats on 35wks!

Dec 25, 2012
beautifull mommy belly
by: Anonymous

I miss my twin belly.my hubby brian and our three kids loved when our twin boys would kick me.my seven year old son ryder and my five year old daughter sienna and three year old savannah would touch and laugh when the babies moved.my hubby even made a cast of my twin belly for our me to remember this moment.because this was our last time were have kids.i also have a second belly cast with our babies names cameron and brett weight . my belly was big and beautifull like yours.

Dec 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hey there,
You're 35 weeks..amazing.
I'm 7 weeks and just found out that I'm having mo-di twins too.
From what I've been reading I'm so scared about this pregnancy..ttts, etc. Do you have any advice. How was your pregnanacy?

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