37 Weeks With Baby Girls

by Ginny

37 weeks

37 weeks

This is my second posting - I was 32 weeks and 3 days in my last photo, but here, a day shy of 38 weeks, I would have figured these girls would be here by now - I'm 38 weeks tomorrow. I can't breathe, can't sleep, can't eat without heartburn, can't walk without pain, can't sit without pain....and I have 3 other kiddos that need mommy. Though I'm full of complaints, I'm sure excited for these little ladies to get here! A little surprised that I've gone beyond what is considered full term for twins, but hopefully that means no NICU time!

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Dec 11, 2009
by: Anonymous

CANT SLEEP ...WALKING IS A CHALLENGE...IM SCHEDULED FOR A C-SECTION DEC 18..TWIN A IS TRANSVERSE AND TWIN B IS HEAD DOWN..I have 12 yr old daughter and 11 yr old son and they are very excited and cant wait to see the twins! good luck to all expecting mothers...

Jul 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am 30 weeks with twin girls and full of complaints myself. I am so excited about them coming but the pains and heartburn are killing me!! These are my first, i wish you the best of luck :)

Jul 19, 2009
by: Ginny - Author of this post

After 38 weeks and a couple of days I finally headed in for an induction...but it turned out to be a c-section. Twin B flipped (again) to the transverse position, so we didn't want to mess around with that. Both girls came out healthy - 6 lbs 2 oz 18" and 5 lbs 4 oz 18 1/2". Boy am I glad they're out! Now they are a month old and I'm struggling to keep up. Lifting restrictions require me to depend on others to lift my 14 month old into her high chair, crib, carseat, etc...not what I bargained for! 2 more weeks left of that. Thank goodness my two boys (10 yrs and almost 7 yrs) love to help! So thankful for them :)

Jul 18, 2009
Good job
by: Anonymous

I am only 31 weeks and feel like this already, I just hope it goes away because I had been fine until two days ago at my doctors appointment. I am just happy that someone on here said they feel the same, it is my first pregnancy so I didn't know if it was ok even though my doctor said everything is right where it should be. Good job staying well until your 37th week though.

Jul 09, 2009
I feel your pain:)
by: Anonymous

I'm expecting twin boys with three other kids to look after too! Good luck I hope they come healthy and soon!

Jul 03, 2009
by: April

I have three other kids and am expecting twin girls as well. I am almost 30 weeks now. I don't know how long I will go, but I am already uncomfortable. I don't know how you are managing! It has to be so hard! Good luck!

Jun 16, 2009
re; wow
by: Anonymous

You look great!!!!!! Hang in there!

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