5 Week Ultrasound...Could It Be Twins?

by kim

i am 5 weeks and 1 day today, i have my first ultrasound. there is clearly one sac with a yoke they could see, but the other looks like a sac with a line kinda through it. they are saying it could be scar tissue, or a cyst...first off ive had many ultrasounds (since i went through ivf) and never saw anything like that before. and my hcg levels on my 1st beta was 231, on the 2nd beta 4 days later is was 1952, thats doubling like everyday instead of every 2-3 days. hmm what u guys think?

P.S. they only put in 1 embryo during my transfer so it would have to be identical, i know identical aren't always in the same placenta depending on when they split.

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May 06, 2018
was it twins ?
by: Anonymous

i had the same ultra sound doctor told me one is the sac and the other is the water thing in it hard to believe

Jul 08, 2017
Identicals can have separate chorions
by: Rachel

I beg to differ with your comment about identical twins never having separate chorions, as mine did. They had totally separate chorions and amnions. It all depends on the timing of the egg split. My twins also had the DNA test for zygosity and they're confirmed identical.

May 26, 2017
This could not be identical twins.
by: Anonymous

if this pic was of actual twins it would be completely impossible to be identical twins. Identical will always be in the same chorion, which in this pic there would be two separate chorions. identicals can be in two separate amnions and have separate placentas but never separate chorions. I am a diagnostic medical sonographer

Mar 16, 2016
What was it?
by: Anonymous

Mine looks like this as well. What was it at the end?

Dec 22, 2013
is it?
by: Anonymous

So was it twins? Mine looks exactly like that

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