5 Weeks - Two Sacks...Twins!

by Vanessa

Me and my husband when for a scan 3 days ago as my doctor thought I had an ectopic pregnancy.
We found out that we are having twins..
At the moment I'm very scared as I keep thinking I'm gonna have the "vanish twin syndrome". I'm so happy that we're gonna have twins that I can't believe it's happening with me...!!! Just hope all goes well.

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Nov 11, 2010
by: vanessa

ohh i know what what you feel,when i posted this here i was full of emotions, i love my twins so much from the day i knew i was expecting, now they are 9 month old,and doing great,i had them at 37 weeks and 5 days 6 pounds each( twin girls) the most amazing thing that ever happend in my life, one day remenmer what i going to say now, to be a perent of twins is the most wonderfull expirence you could ever have, congratulationss on your twin pregnancie, my email is Tolanevanessa@hotmail.com please email me, would love to help and give advice in what i can. xxx

Nov 11, 2010
7weeks3 days
by: hoping

I like alot of ladies on here was very scared that i was having a etopic pregnancy due to the pain and also having suffured a miscarrage last year i have been scared out of my mind .I went to the doctors at 5weeks and 4 days and they saw 2 sac YAY im so HAPPY right now.....Tomorrow is my 2nd U/S I hope that everything is ok and i know that god will bless over me and my prgnancy .... I love my twins already

Mar 29, 2010
Me to
by: Aimee

Oh my gosh...this is exactly the same as me... they took me in at week 5/6 to determine if it was ectopic, they found two saks only one had a yolk in it that was almost two weeks ago and I have another scan on Thursday to tell me if it is twins or not. I would be over the moon to be carrying twins, I have put on so much weight already little bit scary...i eat healthy and go to the gym so twins might explain alot... fingers crossed for Thursday...good luck everyone xxx

Oct 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

I was told that they were almost certain I was haivng an ectopic pregnancy. I had panic attacks thinking my tube was going to burst open any moment! Than a week ago at a second sono, they saw a sac in my uterus, just a sac measuring 5 weeks. I go back for a second sono in a few days and I will post on here weather or not I am right but I think it may be twins, not that I am sicker, or bigger than I was with my other children, just this whole experience has been wild- and going by the dream thing- I had a dream about my grandpa ((who has past)) and he was bartending ((which was what he did)) he said to me what would be a good idea to get more people in here, and we ended up going with 2 for the price of one--- that very well could have been a dream influenced by an info-merical but you never know- good luck to all hte mommies and mommies to be,.,.,., i will update in a few

Jul 28, 2009
I hope!
by: Anonymous

Okay, so this kinda makes me nervous.

I went in when I was only 4w 3d, thinking I was having an eptopic, from the horrible pains in my lower abdomen.

I had a trans-vag u/s done. They couldn't find anything. two days later my HCG levels had almost tripled.

They found a sac on the u/s .. it was still small to see, and she had to zoom in for measurements and a picture. But in the zoomed in one, I have the sac, and then directly to the right there is a smaller sac, thats exactly identical to the bigger one.

I dunno if its twins though, cause she only saw one when she wasdoing the u/s cause it was with the wand. She just wanted to confirm.

I hope im lucky like you. My bf wants twins, hes in afghanistan right now.

Jun 24, 2009
same thing here
by: vanessa

omg i know this might sound weird but the same thing happened2me i was told in the er i had an ectopic preg when they did surgery they said nothing was there i found outExactly @6wks5dys i had twins i thout of it as a blessing &by the way my name is also vanessa!Congrats & good luck w/your pregnancy hope all goes well please pray for all women carrying twins!

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