6 Weeks With Twins?

by Britanie
(North Canton, ohio, united states)

6 week twins?

6 week twins?

I was 6 weeks when i went in to get my sonogram to check dates.They did the trans vaginal aultrasound, When they were searching it took her a while to find the sac and then an even longer time to find the baby...we finally seen heartbeat and everything..the baby was just hiding! We were just so excited to see the baby she didnt even look for anything else.I did take chlomid to get pregnant and when I got home I noticed what looked like two sacs..could it be a twin? It deff. looks like it to me.

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Nov 20, 2009
The result
by: Anonymous

It was only one boy at my aultrasound....They said if it were a twin ...it may have absorbed.. :( But I am having a healthy boy!

Nov 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

so was it twins???

Sep 17, 2009
Still waiting too
by: Britanie mihelarakis

Thank you ...My next appt. is sept. 23rd...He should schedule another one then...we will c!!

Sep 15, 2009
by: Chris

Waiting to hear the news? Is it twins? I am crossing my fingers for you!

Sep 04, 2009
thanks for the comments
by: Anonymous

Thanks ladies...I was freaking myself out about this thinking that I was just seeing things! Everyone that I showed said they thought so too..I go in Sept. 11th...I will let you know what it is~

Aug 26, 2009
by: Diana

Yea, I def think this is twins!!!! Congrats! Let us know if it is or not!

Aug 26, 2009
Yes looks like twins to me
by: mrscable

I would take that with me next appnt and show it to the doc and get another US

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