7 Weeks Pregnant With Twins And Bleeding.

by Hayley
(Clyde, Ohio)

I am 7 weeks 1 day pregnant today 6/17/09. I saw the babies hearbeats last week at 6 weeks 3 days. Everything was goin fine, normal levels and everything. Last night I had intercourse, and about 5 minutes afterward, I got diahrea, and had some bleeding. The bleeding is a lot less now and havn't really been cramping? Could it just be from intercourse? Has anyone else had this and not had a miscarrage? Very nervous, Please Help.

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Nov 16, 2009
call ur doc
by: Anonymous

I had lots of bleeding but no cramping when i was eighteen weeks along... it scared me to death cause i thought for sure that i was having a miscarriage i call my doc and he had me go to the emergancy room and i ended up having a mild placental abruption... which means that my placenta had torn away from the wall of my uterus alittle... my doc put me on bedrest for a week and now we are doing great i will be twenty eight weeks with identical boys tomorrow!!!

Jun 28, 2009
Call Your OB!
by: Anonymous

You should always call your doctor immediately if you ever experience bleeding and cramping while pregnant! You just never know and should play it safe.

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