A and B Twins

by Miki

Had scan done recently and doc said one was defentely a boy. She labeled them A and B, but do the babies change position in the womb? In my next sacn could baby A be where baby B was?
I wanted to know cause she said that she couldn't make out what sex the other one was.

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Nov 22, 2009
Baby A & B
by: Anonymous

Your babies can change from being "baby A" to "baby B" which ever one is closer to your cervix is becomes baby A. they do move, but usually once baby A has made its way closer to the cervix they tend to stay there. Hope that helps. good luck.

Oct 26, 2009
Such a common question
by: Anonymous

I am pregnant with B/G twins and asked the same question before we found out the sexes and they were known as just baby A and baby B. I was told they don't move which is great because I know which baby is moving/kicking. Makes it easier for my fiance and I to talk to them also. Good luck with your pregnancy!

Oct 25, 2009
by: Kristina Gaughan

Are they in seperate sacks? or are they in the same sacks?
I had Di/Di twins. Fraternal twin boys which had their own sacks! They stayed on the same side throught the pregnancy.
My son Alexander was on the left and Dylan on the right. We were able to tell because the Placenta of Alexander was at the top and Dylans was on the bottom.

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