A Connection We Shared

by T.D.

When my twin and I were two years old my twin suffered a drowning accident that left her handicapped, but she survived. She was always sick in and out of the hospital sometimes for lengthy stays. We were very close, but as a child you don't realize how close until something bad happens.

The last time my sister went for a stay at the hospital my mom didn't take me with her. She left me at my friends house for the night, her excuse being I had school in the morning.

At 1 am I woke up screaming and crying, my friend asked me what was wrong. I told her that I just had a nightmare where my sister died and that I watched the whole thing while standing in her hospital room. About five minutes passed and the phone rang it was my mom on the other end telling my friends mom she would be there to pick me up that my sister had just died.

About a week went by and I finally told my mom about my dream, she was terrified because everything that happened in my dream was just as it had happened that night in the hospital room. I believe that all twins are connected in this way, and some just don't realize the extent of their abilities. The only explination that local experts could offer my mom is that it was a connection that we shared, and it was my sisters way of saying goodbye to me.

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Nov 09, 2011
Twin Connections
by: Anonymous

Your story reminds me in some ways of my twin brothers. One was born healthy, the other was very small and had severe intestinal problems. He spent his first 6 months in the hospital, much of the time in ICU. Even though they were separated much of time, when the smaller twin (Rhys) finally came home my brothers seemed to have a way of communicating - the larger (Brian) would often get toys and bring them so they both could play.

After over two years of life in and out of the hospital Rhys went to multi-system failure and my parents made the difficult decision to take him off of life support. Brian was too young to be in the room, or understand what was happening. My Aunt watched him in a waiting room while the rest of my family was with Rhys as he took his last breath. When we left the ICU and found my Aunt she asked what time Rhys had died. When we told her she became teary-eyed as she said that Brian had sat in sleepily in a waiting room chair until that time. Then he sat straight up screaming and could not be calmed down for over 10 minutes!

I know of no scientific explanation for things like this, but I have heard and seen too much to think that twins can't have a special connection sometimes.

Jul 18, 2009


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