A Face Or Placenta?

When looking at the pic you can see the baby's profile. The

When looking at the pic you can see the baby's profile. The

I had a vaginal us at almost six weeks showing two sacs but only one heartbeat. At around 8 week us still no heartbeat in second sac and light brown (old blood) bleeding. At around 12 weeks the second sac appeared to be completely reabsorbed (vanishing twin), with one healthy baby....but this time it also showed an ovarian cyst.

I had my 20 week us the other day and the baby is heads up (breach) facing my back, so they couldn't get a good view and I go back for another us in two weeks. While we were having the us she had me turn to my side so she could possibly see baby better. I could no longer see the monitor but my husband said "hey, I see the face" I turned around and quickly saw what he was talking about but since the tech was focusing on the other part of the monitor I waved my husband off when the tech said no and was concentrating on the arm at the bottom of the screen.

Anyways, we got home and I put the pics on the refrigerator. Then today as I walked past them I saw the face my husband was talking about. Now that i've seen it I can't "not" see it. I've looked up us pics of babies looking straight at you and sure enough thats what it looks like. Does anyone else think so, or is it just my imagination? Do you think it's a face or just the placenta? Might I have a hidding twin? Does anyone have a similar story?

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