A Gift From God

by Jessica Lynn

This was taken at 25 weeks

This was taken at 25 weeks

I am 19 yrs old and before I was pregnant I lived a crazy lifestyle. I was a wild child and barely ate enough to stay alive. To say the least, my body was worn out and VERY run down. A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant my hair had begun to fall out.

When I found out I was pregnant I was terrified but it forced me to stop partying and to begin eating. At one point in time I considered an abortion but my mother convinced me to go to my first ultrasound. At 7 weeks I saw my two precious angels. I was TERRIFIED, to say the least, but at this point I knew there was no way I could have the abortion.

Throughout these past 8 months I have grown up tremendously. I'll never forget the first time I felt them move. It was the first time I laughed since discovering I was pregnant. It was in that single moment I realized that I could do this.

I now realize these two princesses inside me have saved my life. If I hadn't gotten pregnant, who knows where I would be. It's amazing how much I have changed my outlook on life and what is truly important. I now take school more seriously and NEVER miss a class. And, I now know the value of a dollar and the word "overtime" is music to my ears.

I look at all my old friends who do nothing but party and just feel sorry for them. My girls are going to be arriving in a few short weeks and I can truly say that deep in my heart I realize this is why I was put on this earth...To be a mother. I know I have a very hard road ahead of me, but I am more than willing and ready to do this. Being a single mom is never easy but I do believe this has made me so much stronger and it has taught me exactly what I CAN survive.

I never knew you could love someone so much without seeing their face. I can't wait to meet Joselyn and Gracie.

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Jul 21, 2018
I already have a 4 year old son.
by: Anonymous

As I already have a 4 old year son, I planned for second one. Note, one. But I had twins so I have to be with 3 kids. So I hated having twins. Now I have 3 sons.

Still feeling worried about it, but your stories have inspired me. Definitely I will believe that twins are the greatest gift from god. Not everyone will get it, thanks a lot

Mar 15, 2015
I also thank God for my lovely twins
by: Pinky

Hi I would like to take this opportunity to share with u how I love and adore my twins.Its a girl and boy,they are 4 years old and they really are an inspiration to me.I'm 21 years old by the way,now I have a 4 month old bouncy baby boy.Twins are a gift from God and pls mums let's luv our kids.This is what God created us for to be the caregivers to our little ones.Goodluck to all of u.

Aug 04, 2009
Common Stories
by: Odessa

Your story sounds so much like mine. I'm 18 and was the same way for years. I joined the military and still kept on with my paRtying and acting all crazy. My pregnancy has changed me drastically. It really makes u see things in a different light. Good luck with ur little angels.Congrats!

May 04, 2009
by: Kristi

Beautiful, very well written story. I wish you all the luck and strength. You have the perfect attitude. I am sure you'll be a wonderful mother.

May 04, 2009
i love your story:)
by: Anonymous

i love your story so much. i am also having twin girls. i am 18 years old and trying very hard to graduate high school. i already have a 1 year old son who i concieved when i was just 16. i am lucky to still be with the father although he is awaiting trial for federal prison just 5 weeks before my due date. things are rough but i know i will do what i gotta do to be a good mommy!

Apr 30, 2009
by: Cheri

I cannot tell you how much your words have been inspiring to all of us (well I can't speak for all of us), mostly me. You are a youngin' and I am an older mom to be that is starting over with kids - I did not want any more kids (mine are grown up with kids of their own), and I have struggled very much with this twin pregnancy. They really are a blessing, and they are a gift from God. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work you have done thus far. There will be terrible storms in the future, but if you give them to God, he will carry you through them. When you look back, you will see it, even if you don't see it right away, I promise you that.

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