A Mystery...

by Anonymous

My mother was born in 1946. Those were the days when everyone gathered outside the delivery room door and could hear what went on inside. After the birth, the baby was brought out and everyone asked, "Where is the other baby? We heard two babies being born and two babies crying."

Of course, in those days the mothers were sedated heavily or out completely and my grandmother had no idea what had happened. The doctor told them there was only one baby. Relatives say that the nurses acted as if something wasn't quite right, but nothing more was said.

Growing up in a rather small place, there were two schools on opposite sides of town. As my mother got older and entered high school she says there was always someone saying they had seen her somewhere she had not been. A good friend of the family came by one day and told my grandfather, "I saw Connie yesterday at the gas station and she didn't even speak to me." But she had not even been at that gas station that day. My aunt was astounded to see a girl in a store who looked almost exactly like my mother. She did speak to her and told her she looked like her sister. The girl went to the other high school in town. I can only guess that no one wanted to make waves or cause problems, so nothing was ever done about any of this. In those days what would you do? There certainly was no DNA testing.

Mom says she has lost count of how many people over the years who have told her they saw her and she didn't speak to them or that they saw a girl who looked just like her only her hair was a little different. Ironically, she has never seen her.

Recently a friend of my moms heard this story for the first time and decided to do some investigating. She went to the high school "the twin" supposedly would have gone to and took a look at the 1964 yearbook. She copied every page of the senior section. The front page shows the class officers and there she is!! It is amazing. She looks just like my mom did at 18. As of now we are actively trying to find anyone who knew her and find out where she is today so we can put the pieces of this 60 year old puzzle together.

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Jul 19, 2008
by: Gillian

I've never heard anything so strange. Hope you add another post if you find anything out.

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