A Twin Can't Have Twins...

by Lisa
(Iola, Kansas)

I have a set of 10 month old twin boys. I am always asked if twins run in the family. When I say I am a twin, I get "twins always skip a generation" or "twins can't have twins". I had a lady call me a liar about being a twin. Wow. Or when I am asked if they are twins, I say nope, it was buy one get one free at the hospital.

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Dec 30, 2018
Can IVF twins have twins?
by: Anonymous

My daughters are fraternal twins by IVF, can they have twins?
Thank you!

Dec 06, 2018
by: Anonymous

I am a fraternal twin and my boyfriend is a identical twin... what are the chances of us having twins?

Nov 23, 2018
Lots of Twins
by: Anonymous

Im a twin and my mums is a twin, we have 11 sets of female twins in our family

Jun 18, 2018
What's my probability
by: Anonymous

I was interested to see where these conversations would go I'm an identical twin on both of my parents side of the family have numerous pairs of twins so I have a lot of twin cousins and my grandmother on my mom side had identical twin brothers my grandmother on my dads side ha d identical twin cousins so I was interested to see what my probability of having twins was because me and my husband were thinking about conceiving children

May 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

I'm a fraternal twins & pregnant with identical twins

Apr 08, 2018
Me too
by: Anonymous

I'm a twin who has twins. I ask get asked if my twin brother and I are identical lol or if my twins girls are...they look nothing alkke

Mar 23, 2018
A Twin Can't Have Twins...
by: Anonymous

My grandfather used to have a twin sister. Which that side of the family has bunch of identical twins, while my grandfather side is non-twin. So it seem that female that are twin will produce identical twin, while it skip if your male.

Feb 22, 2018
identical twins
by: Anonymous

my dad is an identiclal twin. H e had identical twins

Jan 14, 2018
I'm a twin and had twins.
by: Anonymous

I have a fraternal twin sister. I had fraternal twin girls for my first pregnancy. Pregnant with my fifth child now. Had two singletons after. I'm 31 now and I wonder if my chance of having twins is even greater??

Dec 27, 2017
Can twins have twins
by: Anonymous

My husband is a fraternal twin and I'm also a fraternal twin, can we have twins also? Curious

Nov 15, 2017
Im a twin. Twins are common in my family.
by: Jules

Haha. Buy one get one free. My parents still say that one and I'm grown. So twins(fraternal and identical) run on both sides of my family. I am fraternal and have a great brother. We look nothing alike. I was doing some research because I and my partner are planning kids in the future. My mother had hyperovulation, and she had twins running in the family. So the doctor said its possible I am like that. Twins are great, though a handful. Twins can have twins.

Nov 09, 2017
Twin having twin (twin-twin transfusion syndrome)
by: Anonymous

Hi Melissa.
How are you & your babies? My identical twins also had TTTS. It was quite a journey. I wish you all good health!

Sep 16, 2017
Identical Twin Having Identical Twins
by: Melisa

I'm also an identical twin having identical twin girls. Didn't have IVF, totally unexpected pregnancy. They are currently borderline for twin-twin transfusion syndrome so hoping for the very very best in whatever path we have to take in this situation.

But would love to know if there is a group out there where identical twins having identical twins share their story?

Sep 15, 2017
That's ridiculous.
by: Anonymous

I am a twin. I have twins. My father was a twin. My mother's father was a twin. All are fraternal twins. Boys, girls, one of each. We just yawn and such comments.

Aug 30, 2017
I am a fraternal twin
by: Anonymous

Me & my husband are pregnant with our second child and my husband and I have a feeling we're having twins the wait is killing us to find out how did you guys feel when you were pregnant ?

Aug 18, 2017
First pregnancy?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am just curious and would love to know if you're a twin having twins - would this usually be more likely to happen with your first pregnancy or after the first? Or is it completely random?


Jan 25, 2017
by: Anonymous

My grandmother is a fraternal twin and my father is an identical twin. Twins having twins happens more commonly than people believe.

Jul 02, 2016
twins having twins
by: Anonymous

I'm an identical twin and I'm having identical twins. People just baffle me with their questions. I'm trying to be calm, but I can't always. I feel like getting a T-shirt with all the possible answers printed on it...A) Yes, they're twins B) they run in the family C) yes, they are "Natural" (whatever that means) D) please don't ask me about or tell me your opinion...I'm tired and you probably won't like my answer.

May 09, 2013
Different approach
by: Anonymous

I find that really weird, my grandaughter has a set of faternal twin girls age 15 months. my husband & I love having them around. when they're with us we go to the mall, park etc. we too get asked "are they twins?" (altho mommy does not like dressing them alike I do.)we never once got negative comments usually its like they are so cute, or they must be faternal they don't look alike. & of course we answer "Yes they are" we,(mom & Dad)don't feel offended by any comments. we LOVE showing them off! And that we do well!

Jul 24, 2012
pregnant during pregnancy
by: Anonymous

my husband told the cashier at walmart that they were born 6 months apart the one is just really small for his age. bet you didnt know you could get pregnant several months into a pregnancy did ya? she was devistated until i told her he was lying and explained how irratating it is to get asked that question all the time. i still think she thought we were a little rude to respond that way but that was the tenth time we had been asked that trip alone. my gosh, you get tired of repeating yourself.lol

Jun 06, 2012
I am a twin having twins too...
by: Anonymous

I'm an identical twin and am having fraternal twins with IVF. That will be an interesting conversation to get into when people ask. I think the "two for one special" is the perfect explanation!

May 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

haha I like the buy one get one free comment. I never imagined that I would not be able to go out in public with my twins without getting stares and comments, it just never really crossed my mind but I learned quickly.

Apr 10, 2012
Same Here...
by: Anonymous

I am a twin having twins too!!! and yes already got the line....."isn't it supposed to skip a generation" lol. I tell them i guess my ovaries missed that memo and released multiple eggs anyway.

Mar 30, 2012
I am a twin having twins too!
by: Anonymous

hahaha. I get similar comments when I tell people I am having twins and I am a twin. But not so far as to call me a liar (people are crazy).

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